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Steam link here!

Voicing by Anna Castiglioni (voice of Anduniel, Kitiara, Arweden, Aurora, and several Interesting NPCs!)

What users are saying!
"This companion is really amazing right down to every detail. Love her! Please, keep making mods! They are all wonderful." ~ DiGiTaL CLeaNeR

"Best voice acting I've seen on the Nexus/Workshop. Mic is studio quality and the voice acting sounds professional. Excellent mod!" ~ Trave

"I happen to think you are the top companion creater and Voice over working in skyrim." ~ silverpanther34

"I was instantly floored the second I hired her to be my mercenary (or killy buddy as I refer to her as). The amazing AI and the voice acting really brings this character to life. I adore the remarks she makes during battle... this mod is very well done and amazingly scripted. 10/10, definitely keeping this mod for eternity." ~ firestarawesome

Thanks to dptheslothking and Skytts for these lovely videos!
Nadina in Skyrim Mods Weekly 17 at 7:45 to 9:05

Background and Personality:
Nadina is a fiercely independent warrior from Hammerfel. She is an excellent fighter and natural killer, and because of this the Impiral army has sought to use her in battle. She would always decline, until one day when she was captured by soldiers and could only regain her freedom by agreeing to do a job for them, a job uniquely suited to her skills. From that job, she was presented with a choice: to continue to act in the name of justice and righting whatever wrongs she was able, or to turn her back forever on all military and the rigid discipline that came with it. She decided on a little of both, and began life as an adventurer and a sellsword. She might work for free if she could be convinced it was a good cause, and her sword is not always easily bought. She will become loyal to the Dragonborn once she realized who (s)he is.

Feisty and wise-cracking, Nadina says what's on her mind, and she doesn't care about being diplomatic. She may come off as rough, but deep down she still has a sense of honor and justice (though she tends to hide it).

You can find Nadina's lovely armor here. It's called Linda Armor, created by Shrikebot.

- Redguard 1-H warrior, can dual wield
- Find Nadina in the Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath.
- 259 lines custom dialogue and comments
- Levels with player, minimum 1, max 300, so she levels even at Legendary.
- Perks: base stack of Archery, One-Hand, Stealth; also Lightfoot.
- Uses vanilla body, so will use whatever body mod (if any) you have installed.
- Will commit property crimes and violence against enemies, but won't automatically engage enemies.
- Nadina is completely independent of the vanilla follower system, with her own unique scripts and packages.
She will neither conflict NOR work with follower enhancement mods; she works seamlessly alongside them, but they will have no effect on her.
- I will NOT be releasing patches for such enhancement mods; it's too much hassle to maintain several versions.
If you'd like to create a patch, see Permissions.
- Nadina will ride her own horse when asked, or automatically when player rides and she is an active follower.
- You can set her to live in your house when not following.
- Sandboxes while following, like Serana.
- 'Call Nadina' spell included in case you get separated, only works when she's an active follower. (Lesser Power, use with Z key)
- She will make potions or arrows for you on request.
- Marriable via standard marriage system. Talk to Maramal about marriage, and get an amulet of Mara.
- Includes fix for marriage bug where fiance walks out before priest is finished speaking.

Quest Conversations:
Main Questline: Dragon Rising, Sovengard
Dark Brotherhood: during first quest
Thieves Guild: before meeting Mercer at Snow Veil Sanctum; after meeting Karliah
Daedric Quests:
A Night To Remember: after waking up in the Temple of Dibella, completing the quest
Mages Guild: after the tour with Mirabelle, before the first lessons with Tolfdir
Side Quests:
Blood on the Ice: idle comments during, conversation after completing

Mods used on screenshots (not included):
- Caliente CBBE Slim body mesh, on Nexus
- Body texture mod: Sporty Sexy Muscle Map, on Nexus
- Shezrie's Unique Taverns Falkreath (second picture from left), on Steam

Nadina written and voiced by me, Anna Castiglioni
See more of my voice work on my Portfolio and my SoundCloud!

Feedback is much appreciated, and let me know of any problems. Should not conflict with anything; it was designed with compatibility in mind.
If you like this, please let me know in comments!!! :-}

Future Releases:
No more development to this standalone version. Nadina will be merged into a new mod including 3 other NEW companions, so they can all have quests and interact.

If you're curious about Nadina's horse's name, see this Wiki on Tyr.
Sometimes Nadina and Tyr will start attacking each other, and I'm flummoxed as to why, since they are "friends" and both set to help "friends and allies", and therefore should NEVER attack each other. You can fix this easily by console targeting Nadina and type "stopcombat".

- Do not use any assets without my permission. Do not upload to any other site.
- Contains assets from other modders, so you need their permission for specific assets.
- You may create patches for follower enhancement mods (UFO, AFT, EFF, etc.), as long as you credit me and link to this mod.

Apachii - beautiful Apachii Skyhair
Nevenbridges81 - Natural Eyes mod
Chanon - Younger Females face mod
Dretmo - Luscious Female Faces
Shrikebot - for the set home, sandbox, riding setup, and summon spell fix
Shrikebot again! - Special Linda Armor, worn by Nadina, and Messer sword
See Anduniel Companion for more of our work!
Fur Collar is from vanilla Skyrim, made available by SydneyB, author of Ashara Prince of the Woods Armor

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