Frostwind Cottage by dubird
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I always thought it was a shame that if you're Archmage, you have to have a house many miles away to adopt kids. So, this adds a nice cottage in Winterhold that you can use with a something like Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions to move your kids and spouse near the Collage.

As I didn't want to put some sprawling mansion in Winterhold (that just seemed odd), I remembered that in Bruma in Oblivion, the houses were constructed partly underground to help insulate them. So, this has the majority of the house in a basement underground. Tried to make it as lore-friendly as possible, but you still have lots of room and storage and displays.

- All crafting stations and full smithy
- Multiple displays, including mannequins
- Room for 2 followers
- Fully navmeshed
- 4 children beds for use with multiple adoption mods
- Lots of safe storage
- Lots of bookshelves
- Spouse and kid friendly
- Cleaned with TES5Edit

- Latest version of Skyrim
- Hearthfire

- A mod that allows you to set custom homes as homes for spouses and adoptions. This was made for Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions, but should work with others. Not required, you'll just have an unused room if you don't.

This shouldn't conflict with any other mod, unless it modifies the ruined farmhouse next to the inn in Winterhold. I actually have this loaded with Agent of Righteous Might, and while it's really close to the building that mod adds, it works fine alongside it. If you run into any mod that conflicts with it, let me know and I'll see if I can make a patch for it.