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Panchovix and Nico

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Samantha Nord Follower Destruction Mage, Standalone, Located in College of Winterhold
TBBP (Compatible With HDT and HDT Collision)
I hope u Enjoy :D

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Well, this is my 3rd mod, sorry for my english i'm chilean xd
Edit: I wanna try to make she heal you with low hp, or give courage to you at the start of the combat, but i really cant, its like really really hard, if someone knows a tutorial how to do this please send to me, i'm trying all can i do to do this :/
1000 Downloads? Ty xD ahahah
Will Update Soon, if someone still uses this mod ;)!

Version with heal, may can CTD as cant, download at your own risk
I'm gonna clear Something, if u want the heal version of samantha, U NEED CERWIDEN COMPANION, i used one file from that mod and i dont know how to use it standalone, so sorry, and i cant do anything i guess, i'm not that advanced to make a script to heal the user with low hp.
U can use the normal version, which is very strong anyways

Update 1.5
Added small fix to 1.5
Wasting like all DAY just for addying when you have low hp, she gonna heal you instantly, and ur other followers, and sometimes, atronachs
Updated Type of Fight, now she will conjure storm or frost atronach vs each enemy (for ex, vs an frost elemental mage, she will conjure storm atronach)
Added more spells, More perks, and Now she likes Light amor, since she can sneak very well too.
I hope u enjoy, i wanna try to edit so much more, like other and dark spells :O

Version - Release V1.0
Added Samantha, Mage destruction, Marriable and that things
7B TBBP Body with wet Textures and Edited Fitness Normalmap
She is in the Hall of Elements in Winterhold (That means u need to do atleast the 1st quest of Winterhold :P)
She gonna paralyze people with low hp with ice
Gonna Make enemies run with low hp with fire
and the other thing with shock (dont remember it now)
she gonna use ice storm when u are against much enemies
or firebolts in single enemies
if u are lucky or high lvl she gonna usa firebomb, thundershock, and summon powerful things like Dremora or Torment Atronach
She is like really powerful, so if u play in expert or less gonna be easy, so i recommend playing in master or legend (I'm playing in legend, and damn its hard)
I hope u enjoy, Comment and say to me if u find any bug or problem
Tho, i wanted to add some spells of my mods but, idk how to add these spell to do standalone, because if needs requeriments, isnt standalone at all
Credits to
For all developers of the mods
TBBP of DragonFly
Fitness Body of SvarogNL
UNP of Dimon99
UNPB of xp32
Brows of lthot
a little sexy apparel replacer Unp of cotyounoyume
Cerwiden Smart AI