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An overhaul for stalhrim armor!

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Updated to version 1.2!

This mod is a graphics replacer for the heavy and light Stalhrim armor sets. It does not alter any armor statistics. Requires the Dragonborn DLC.

An overhaul that changes the appearance of all Stalhrim items in the game, whether it's the amazing meshes created by lautasantenni, or retexturing, or just changing how the light reflects off them. Currently this only functions as a replacement mod.

This started as just a simple project for myself. I wasn't satisfied with the look of vanilla Stalhrim, so naturally I came here to the Nexus to look for a mod to fix it. But to my dismay, there really weren't any that addressed the armor to my satisfaction. I didn't want just a reskin or new crafting options. I hated the light armor helmet with it's stupid antlers, I hated the washed out color of the crystal, I hated the cloth padding, and I hated how little protection the armors seemed to offer. I wanted more.

So I took it upon myself to piece together this mod. I don't really have that much experience with this sort of thing, so it's certainly not of the top caliber, but I figured it would be cool to upload it anyway. You know, just in case there's someone else out there who wants a different look for Stalhrim.

I'm currently working on adding the following for future updates:
-various weapon texture improvements
-optional version without 'big arse rings'
-'something' that addresses the Deathbrand set
-optional standalone version

v1.2 12/21/2013
-early version weapon textures added... still working on these
-new light armor alternative version
-better texture optimization
-normal map alpha channel corrections (thanks langley02!)

v1.1 12/17/2013
-corrected miscellaneous color issues.
-added stalhrim shield retexture and new specular map
-added female body normal maps.
-general improvement of normal maps.