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Grunt is a cave bear companion that is as loyal as he is fierce. He will fight by your side and follow you to the ends of Tamriel.

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Grunt is a cave bear companion that is as loyal as he is fierce. He will fight by your side and follow you to the ends of Tamriel.


I started a playthrough with a hunter/survivalist sort of character and I knew he had to have a pet bear. I looked for cave bear followers and, while I found a few, some didn't work, and others weren't what quite I was looking for. As such, I decided to create my own. Once I saw that he served me well, I decided to share him with others.

This mod is very basic, but effective. He will obey standard follow/stay/dismiss commands, and (though it is slightly unrealistic and borderline immersion-breaking) carry items for you, presumably storing them in hammerspace.

He behaves similar to dog companions like the hunting dog from Markarth, or the Huskies and Death Hounds in Dawnguard. It's important to note that you can still have a normal NPC follower along w/ him. If you're playing on a lower difficulty, this will make the early quests very trivial. Grunt (as with most NPC bears) is pretty powerful.

Thanks to Youdojo for this amazing spotlight!

- Pretty simple: Use Nexus Mod Manager, or extract the archive into your data folder.

- Grunt is located just outside Riverwood. If you're coming from Helgen, he's relaxing up in the grass to the right of the road, right before you enter the town.

Size Issues
Some folks have requested a smaller version. Rather than making a version with a smaller static size, I decided to include instructions on how to edit this yourself, since your preference may differ:

If you find that he is too large, you can make him a bit smaller by doing the following:

1. Press ~ to bring up the console

2. Click on Grunt. You should see his item code in the center of the console.

3. Type "setscale x.x" (without the quotation marks)

x.x = the size you want. 1.0 is the normal size, and anything between 0.1 and 0.9 will make him that much smaller.

I've not noticed too many compatibility issues with the mods that I use, but I do not use AFT or UFO regularly, so I can't say for sure how he will react with those or other popular follower related mods.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if there are any issues. This is my first mod and I'm bound to have screwed something up somewhere, so I certainly appreciate any input.

For those who prefer the Steam workshop way of doing things:

Stay tuned for my next mod: "Library of the Thane"


Version v1.1
-Made Grunt level with character instead of being static lvl 16.