About this mod

A mod featuring objects from various other mods, and also rich merchants.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds a Smugglers Lair with five new merchants, the Lair is located on the north, and you can fastravel to it on the start of the game without any problem. Every merchant except the first one sells all the objects from the mods labelled as requisite. Also these merchants are more rich than the others, capable to buy the burden of your character!

As you can see this is a 0.9 version so it's stable, no corrupted save games granted. This mod is a Redone from my previous mod http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/31017. There are five merchants on the Lair:

Yilveil-> Selling Weapons from Ghosu's mods and Jaysus Swords.
Khorra-> Selling miscellaneous objects from Dr Bandolier, Tribunal Robes and KWTelescope. She will purchase your stolen goods too.
Dirgan-> Selling weapons from Immersive weapons.
Dorgan-> Sellin armors and shields from Immersive armors and shields from BDYEB (Bro Do You Even Block) mod.
El Buhonero-> General goods store.

If you move around the Lair, you will find a book with a brief history about "El Buhonero", after read it you will know why this guy is here!

The Lair got crafting things, including foundry for ingots and cooking stuff. There are some chests in too, the Smugglers can't open they so they sell you lockpicks and potions if you want to open them.

Also the mod would make some ammo for the gunpowder weapons be more expensive, aiming to rebalance them.

Is just an esp so you can install it with Nexus mod manager very easy, or another mod manager. Just download the file and activate it on your mod manager.

All compatible! I've got plenty mods already running and Smugglers Lair don't give any problem. Hypothermia/Frostfall works well to, you can heat yourself in!.

You will need the following mods to run the Smugglers Lair properly:

-Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
-Bandolier - Dawnguard
-B-D-Y-E-B Shield mod (Single ESP version recommended)
-Creatin a Playable Race (Generic race controller) (You will need the RaceCompatibility.esm file. Why? cause it's planned to add special races to some new vendors in the future)
-Immersive Armors
-Immersive Weapons
-JaySuS Swords
-Project Flintlock Rifle (Ammo addon included)
-Ghosus Weapon Pack
-Tribunal Robes and Masks

-No reupload this files to other sites.
-You can do whatever you want with this mod if people still needs to download this mod.
-You can post the link to this mod in forums or wiki's, but remember to not reupload this files.

So that's all about the initial release of this mod. Planned?, well I want to improve this mod, I really like read your suggests for ideas so keep commenting!

For now:

-Ghosus Horker Weapons
-Add merchants with a different race from mods
-And don't forget to suggest more Item Mods to add to this Merchants!

-Initial Release.

Intensive Dungeons -WIP- (Featuring more dungeons, don't break the lore)
Horned Hairstyles
Daefling Race

Spanish description and translation coming soon, stay tuned!
La traduccion al castellano de la descripcion y el mod estará pronto. ¡Manteneos informados!