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Expanded Skyrim Weather is a simple mod which aims to offer a better meteorological experience.

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Expanded Skyrim Weather is a simple mod which aims to offer a better meteorological experience.


- 03/04/14: updated patch for AOS 2.0
- 01/02/14: All files are packed, now with fomod installer.
- 30/12/13 : Added a patch for Audio SKyrim Overhaul. My mod didn't work if loaded before AOS, and AOS didn't work very well if loaded before my mod. Now fully compatible.


- Every region has been tweaked
- All region has at least one storm weather and one fog weather, which is not the case on vanilla
- Fixed some strange weather chances (ex: 70% of rain/fog in Falkreath and 70% of cloud/sun in the forest around???)
- Most regions have several cloudy, clear, foggy, rainy weathers to offer more diversity
- Little chance to have snow on Marsh, very little in Solitude and tiny on tundra.
- same weathers inside and outside cities
- Riften have more fog than aspen forest.
- Tundra, and Marshs are cloudy regions
- The reach is a foggy region
- Pine Forest, Volcanic Tundra, and Aspen Forest are nice regions with sun.
- Moutains and Snow regions have more fog, more snow but less cloudy weather.
- Coast Region has less sun, more clouds.
- Solitude has a weather mixed between Tundra and Coast Weather.
- More auroras on the North, and less on the South
- This mod does not change colors nor lighting


Not compatible with mods that change weather regions chances. As far is as know:
- Climates of Tamriel
- Enhanced Dynamic Weather System
- Tropical Skyrim and Seasons of Skyrim
- ELE - Weather Addition.esp (ELE - Weather.esp only is ok)
- Pure Weathers: only if loaded before ESW, and only if you want to use my weather regions chances. Otherwise, use only PW.

- Natural Lighting and Atmospherics: not compatible if NLA is laoded after. If NLA is loaded before, you won't have the few new weathers but lighting improvement will work.

Compatible with everything else:
- RCRN - Use the correct version
- ENB (except those compatible with COT only, I think), FXAA, SweetFX...
- Realistic Lighting Overhaul (include weather), Ultra Realistic World Lighting, Enhanced Lights and FX...
- More rain, more snow, Supreme and Volumetric Fog, Supreme Storms, Lightning during Thunder Storms...
- Real Clouds
- Wet and Cold, Frostfall

[size=7]R[/size]ECOMMENDED MODS (used on screenshots)

- Realistic Lighting Overaul - Weather
- Supreme and Volumetric Fog, if you want a very huge fog
- Dramatic Clouds


Just drop Expanded Skyrim Weather.esp in your data folder or use NMM, Wrye Bash....

Delete Expanded Skyrim Weather.esp


- TES5Edit team
- Nexus, Steam, Confrérie des Traducteurs and JVC Communities
- Bethesda for Elder Scrolls and Creation Kit

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