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This is a complete perk overhaul. New abilities, spells, and gameplay changes await you.

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Version 2.2 is now up! Aegis fixed (again, and properly this time, I promise) for those experiencing problems with the values not showing up in the UI.

This is a complete perk overhaul. Nearly every perk in every perk tree has been altered in some way, and there are more than a few new perks. The skills themselves increase in level much slower than before, so you feel as if you earned it, and didn't just grind it to 100 in a matter of minutes. The leveling changes vary from skill to skill, but on average are lowered by about 30%-45% each. Not a huge difference, but a very noticeable one in-game. The reason behind this change is the idea of how rewarding it was to gain new abilities and bonuses in older RPGs like Fallout, and how boring it became once Oblivion came out and gave you everything regardless of class choice, or Morrowind that didn't give you anything all that good except for a better dice roll and higher numbers. The slower leveling and multitude of new options available to you make it much more rewarding and exciting to play the game, and replay the game as a new class type.

I wanted to create an entirely balanced system for both new characters and experienced dragon slayers. Most first tier perks have been lowered in the bonuses they give, but subsequent leveling of that perk will yield better benefits than before. It takes more work to get the bonuses you received before, and in order to get the best bonus in any given section you need to specialize in a particular class choice. Characters fresh off of the wagon can no longer become hulking sword-weilding behemoths in heavy armor that can sneak by an enemy camp and destroy a 30+ level dungeon with a couple master level spells inside of three hours. This mod makes you specialize, or improvise.

In addition to the alterations, I have made several new perks and game changes. Some perks grant new unique spells that have varied effects depending on the skill they are based. You can only choose one spell perk out of any given tree, as taking one closes out any chance of getting the other(s). Many perks now have hidden benefits that are specific to the skill and use of said perk, where the effect is not described or shown, but are quite noticeable if you delve far enough into that tier. For instance, taking certain perks will open up new crafting options or make certain types of spells or weapons be more effective, but you won't know unless you take the perk and play around with it for a while. Some perks even change the way that skill can be used. You'll just have to experiment with them and see what you can do.

Specific information of anything and everything within SkyPerk Overhaul can be found in the History section of the ReadMe, if you're not interested in finding them out for yourself in-game.


Anyone that previously downloaded SPO before the upcoming 2.0 update: If you do not meet the requirements (found below) you will not be able to use SPO any longer, until you acquire them. This was unavoidable, and I apologize to those that miss out on all the new goodies. Any future updates will require these, and any outdated files will no longer be supported. Remember if it says "Outdated" underneath the file name, it is most likely buggy, and will not be as enjoyable or smooth to use as the most recent version.

Do NOT clean SkyPerk! Dirty edits are REQUIRED for this mod to work properly. I have already cleaned it, extensively.  If you do not heed my warning, you will break your game, or my mod. So please just don't.


If you do not meet the requirements and still try to play the mod, you're game will CTD. Any complaints or problems regarding issues with the mod will be ignored if you do not have the above mentioned requirements.


It should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway. Any mod that alters the perk trees or the perks themselves, or the effects applied to the perks, or the abilities or spells the perks use, will not be compatible with this mod. If you experience serious problems in your game and you use T3nd0s Skyrim Redone, Perkus Maximus, Requiem, or any mods like them, along with SkyPerk, don't bother mentioning your issues until you play the game without them active.


Even though I don't update the file very often, I am always working on it. I simply don't have access to the internet very often, let alone a decent connection. Just know that I am still active, and still working. Unless I slap a big
FINAL next to the version, you should expect an update and new features.

It is fine if you want translate SkyPerk for personal use, but if you wish to upload it to the Nexus please send me the mod file so that it can be placed with the main files. This way if someone else needs the translation they can all be found in one place, and they can be consistently kept up to date along with the main mod. Anyone who makes a translation will get full credit for their work, of course. I just want everything in one place. As for updating the translated versions, I cannot do this as I don't know enough of these other languages. The original translators, or any others who know the language, can update the files and send them to me. Any additional contributors will be credited along with the original translators.Thank you for your understanding.

Russian Translation - Thanks to TeodorWild