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Choose one of four new effects for Konahrik; Force, Fire, Fade or Time.

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Warlord. That is what Konahrik means in the dragon tongue. Many have scoffed at the
golden mask because its effects don't come into use until you are on the verge of defeat.
Most mods that alter the mask do so by making it overpowered or extremely generalized.
This mod, however, empowers Konahrik by adding choice. The idea is the same, the mask
can save you in your time of need, but now you can choose what your means of salvation
will be, depending on your strategy and character's abilities. This is Konahrik's privilege.

Depending on your choice, Konahrik can have one of four unique effects.

To receive the effects, meditate with Paarthurnax on either Fus (force), Yol (fire) or Feim (fade)
- or -
pray at a Shrine of Akatosh to receive Tiid (time).

The effect can be changed at any time, as long as Paarthurnax is still alive.

Note: Tiid takes precedence over the other effects if Akatosh's Blessing is active.
Note: Fus and Yol's tertiary effect can damage followers and friendly NPCs.

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