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This Mod Modifies the Vampire Lord's Vampiric Drain and Normal Drain so it is classified as a Destruction spell. Which means if you have a mod which increases destruction Damage you will now gain the extra damage or absorption effects from enchanted items which give bonus damage or magkica and stamina from the blood stone chalice.

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This Mod is no longer updated but there is an update for this mod on my Special Edition page If you want to use this mod for Skyrim Special Edition please go here this is my final release Version 1.0
This Mod Modifies the Vampire Lord's Vampiric Drain and Normal Drain so it is classified as a Destruction spell. It also gains bonuses from the Blood Stone Chalice. The Magicka and Stamina absorption from the blood stone chalice will be increased if you have a Destruction Damage mod active and have enchanted gear on that increases your destruction Damage. This effectively makes you able to have unlimited magkica regen as you use it and if you are out of stamina fire a drain at something and you may get full stamina back if your destruction damage is increased. You must have the blood stone chalice to gain these effect increases.

(Note: This mod does not create items which boost Destruction Damage enchantment while in Vampire Lord form. You do not gain destruction bonuses while in Vampire lord form. If you add the spell or buy the spell tome you will gain vampire perk points as if you were in vampire lord form while using out of form.

With my 0.4 update you can now find a level 1 version of the spell as a spell tome from Ronthil, Feran and , Hestla at the Vampire castle. They only sell the level 1 version but it hardly matters if you have destruction mod enchants listed at the bottom of this page.

If you don't wanna wait add this command to your character. player.addspell 02019AD7

(make sure dawngaurd loads first in mod order or it wont work.)

Vampric Drain Spell IDs:

Vampire Lords: Vampiric Drain 1
Vampire Lords: Vampiric Drain 2
Vampire Lords: Vampiric Drain 3
Vampire Lords: Vampiric Drain 4
Vampire Lords: Vampiric Drain 5

If you want an mod that gives you Destruction Damage that is disenchantable then use:

Destruction Damage Enchantment made by Bebop_Monkey_X