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Prehistoric art in Skyrim.

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1- The cave paintings:

There are 12 new meshes and 3 new textures. They are 3 different panels combined with the 4 green cave room wall pieces. If the cave is very dark you will need to place some light source next to it or else they will not be visible. The cave wall textures used in the game are very dark and not suitable for rock paintings, but I tried to do my best to get something immersive.

2- The petrogliphs:

There are 10 new textures and 16 meshes for the "indoor" petrogliphs (cave boulders) and 3 new textures + 12 new meshes for the "outdoor" ones (landscape rocks). You will realize that the sets are not complete, I just got tired of the bloody work and realized that what was accomplished is more than enough to create your own prehistoric heritage site in Skyrim.

NOTE: If you know how to mess with UV mapping in Nifskope you can fit the textures to ANY rock or cave wall mesh, vanilla or resource that you wish.The meshes I present here were my personal choice and nothing prevents you from using your own creativity if you wish.


Extract the content of this mod to the right folder. Activate TESTprehistoria.esp and Launch skyrim. Use the console and type "coc AAprehistoric" to go to a cave where you will se a sample of the indoor meshes. About the outdoor ones:

-White petrogliphs near Markarth stable.

-Black petrogliphs near Riften´s north gate

-Red petrogliphs close to Whiterun´s main gate.