Pretty Dark Elf Female - Saved Game - Level 1 - Dunmer Elves preset by Lotus97
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It's not recommended to play other people's saved games because there can be stability issues so I have provided instructions on how to use the saved game as a preset either when starting a new game or applying it to an existing character.

Ethereal Elven Overhaul -

(Only necessary if you want same hairstyle as screenshots)

Racemenu -

Better Females by Bella -
(I think I just installed the main file. If you install any of the optional makeup versions your character might look different from the screenshots)

ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer -
(Only necessary if you are using hair mods like ApachiiSkyHair)

ShowRaceMenu Alternative -

Note: For those with Racemenu 1.7 or higher you don't need CharGen Extension. I don't know if this will affect the preset. I will post more once I have tested.
Chargen Extension -
This includes
1. CharGen Core v2-1-4
2. CharGen Morphs v2-1-4
3. Chargen Morphs v2-1-4 ECE
4. Ethereal Elven Overhaul Morphs v2-1-0 (from Optional Files)
5. Ethereal Elven Overhaul ECE Morphs v2-1-0 (from Optional Files)
(note: I'm not sure if all the additional Chargen files are necessary, but they're great for customizing your characters so it would be a good idea to install them either way)

After loading all the mods
1. Load my save game
2. Set and cast the racemenu spell
3. Once racemenu appears press button for save preset
4. Start a new game or load an existing character that you want to use the preset on
5. Switch to dark elf female when you get to racemenu (important to do before loading the preset)
6. Load preset

NOTE: ENHANCED CHARACTER EDIT IS NOT COMPATIBLE. THIS MUST BE DEACTIVATED BEFORE USING ETHEREAL ELVEN OVERHAUL. You can still use this as a preset for ECE, but your character might look vastly different from the screenshots. If you use ECE then don't use EEO, racemenu, or chargen. I would recommend either better females by bella or ZZjay's better females mod if using ECE. Also, instructions for saving presets with ECE are different than provided in the description of this mod.

Optional files for further customizing your character
Oblivion Hair Pack -
Alternate Start - Live Another Life -

Ethereal Elven Overhaul by nuska
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
RaceMenu by Expired
CharGen Extension by Expired
Better Females by Bella by BellaGail