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Work has started on the Hardcore version. Sorry about the wait. I have been actually playing the game :) Anyways here is approximately when I plan to finish the next things I have planned.
Version 4.0 Hardcore - ~August 20-30
Version 4.1 DragonBorn Update - About a week after Hardcore Release
Version 4.2 Hearthfire Update - Soon after DragonBorn update, possibly same day.
Any more suggestions?


GOLD is a mod that greatly increases gold amount in various containers. It stands for Gold Overhaul and Loot reDone. These containers include chests, urns, boss chests, satchels, and barrels. Not only will you get more gold, you will get more jewelry, arrows, ingots, lockpicks and soul gems. I didn't add many different items to chests unless it would fit the type of chest. I just increased spawn amounts. I also decreased the chance of none for gold change to 0. So any container that has a LootGoldChange entry in it will now have a 100% chance to give gold instead of 90%. I didn't edit all containers, but I did increase loot in most. In dungeons with a boss chest, you can easily get 3000+ septims. Also, some containers that you think should contain loot may not because Bethesda has set aside certain containers as Empty by Default, like the urns on the table in Bleak Falls Barrow. I might include an optional file to add stuff to these, but these are used for a reason. I have edited DeathItem lists so that when you kill things, they drop more gold and items.

~Realistic Version (I recommend this version for the best gameplay)~
The realistic version is obviously a more realistic and more toned down version of my other mod. I have edited not just gold, but other items found in containers to be more realistic. For example, wardrobes, now instead of only containing one shirt, can contain two or three. There is no ridiculous amount of gold in anything either. Boss chests are still better than in vanilla, but aren't as OP as in the normal version. It is a satisfying hybrid. Also, some containers like Dwarven chests will now hold Dwarven scraps and other items that I added, just for immersion. But I did remove gold from some containers to make it just a bit more realistic and so you couldn't buy all of Skyrim when you are level 20. This version does not include treasure chests so it is a very small file with no scripts. You can check images to see an example of a typical boss chest. New in version 1.5, I have redone a lot of the deathitem drops to make those more realistic. I have increased drops, added things here and there, and on a lot of animals, removed the chance of gold and gems dropping. Unless, theoretically, those animals could kill a traveler, and then eat those items off of them. So for example, a goat will no longer drop gold, but wolves and bears still will. These drops are just in the realistic version as of now. I also increased lots of prices of different things like pelts, hides, ores, and ingots. This will make different gameplay styles more viable. But it will also increase buying prices slightly, encouraging you to go out into Skyrim and find these things yourself. So now hunting can make you a decent profit. In Version 3.0 I have added a few new items, mainly pelts. Tweaked death items further, and made a couple other changes to improve realism. For example, mudcrabs will always give you two chitins. Deer and elk will always drop 2 antlers(Male of course). I have added a small chance(about 10 percent) for all barrels and sacks to drop either a gem or a small amount of gold. So instead of passing over all those, it is not worth it to look in them. All these, among other things. I have redone more prices in 3.1, mainly to clutter objects like plates. All weights/prices have been redone for alchemy ingredients, food, and potions as of 3.5. Gold has also been renamed to Septim.

~Addon Modules~
This is where extra modules will go that improve various prices and loot.
-Food Reprice: This is an extra module because it increases prices of food. Some people use realistic needs mods and they don't want to pay an arm and a leg for food. This is for them. If you use one of those needs mods, don't use this unless you want expensive food. If you don't use a needs mod, this is for you! Food will still be pricey, but you can make a nice farming profit. Just enable it in the installer.
-DawnGuard: Only use if you have DawnGuard!!! Adds bolts to loot lists. That simple. Just select the DawnGuard tab in the installer. If you aren't seeing bolts in chests, make sure the DawnGuard module loads after the regular module. This shouldn't be a problem but just in case.

~LITE Version~
This is just for people who only want gold boosted. I have not touched any other loot items except for gold. What I did for example was, I changed LootGoldChange to always give gold instead of only 90% of the time, and changed any container that had gold change to that. And then I increased the amount of gold significantly. Exploring Skyrim should now be rewarding, but you won't be walking around with a backpack full of swords, jewelry, armor, and misc. items to sell because Belethor only has 750 gold. Overall, it's not a huge change, but you will notice you can buy that armor sooner, or you can live in luxury at Proudspire Manor earlier then ever before. 

~Treasure Chests~
You can now find 6 gold chests across Skyrim. These are obvious and are very easy to spot. You just have to know where to look. These are in lore friendly locations. Think Jarl. One is located in the Dragonsreach Jarl Quarters. A few will be locked, but only if you can get to it without being seen. You own everything in these chests though so you don't have to worry about stolen items. These can't be disabled, but if you don't want them don't open them. They are lore friendly and if you aren't looking, you probably won't find them.
Thanks to Oaristys and Tony67 for the chest mesh and texture. Modders Resource Pack
Also thanks to worksa7 for the chest idea.

The treasure chests are not in the No Gold Version for obvious reasons. They also are not included in the Realistic Version.

Normal Version- Increased Gold and Loot
No Gold Version- No gold in any containers
Realistic Version- More realistic loot (Recommended for best gameplay experience)
LITE Version - Just a gold boost. Nothing else

This mod pairs nicely with Harvest Overhaul by Omeletter and Xubarku. These two mods make Skyrim looting and gathering much more realistic and interesting.

My mod should pretty much be compatible with any mod unless the mod changes loot tables or leveled lists that my mod uses.

Step 1. Locate your Skyrim data folder (Usually located here for the steam version: C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonSkyrimData)
Step 2. Extract contents of zip to this folder
Step 3. Make sure it is enabled in either NMM or your Data Files in the launcher

Simply click Download with Nexus Mod Manager and then double click on it in the mods section. This will bring up a fomod installer. Just select the version you want, and click finish. Yay!

Load Order: Place it as far down as you can go. I am using a mod, I think it is SkyRe, but when this mod is near the top, it is overwritten by something else. Make sure the main version, and any modules you are using are near or at the bottom. If you notice prices aren't working, move it lower.

~To Do List~
Hardcore Version
Cheat Version
Various improvements to existing versions(ongoing)