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The inviting ice of the Sea of Ghosts hosts a castle for the Dragonborn, abandoned and in need of a Lord.

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RAVENSCALE CASTLE - A lore-friendly-ish player home!

My last few mods have been pretty good in my book, and I've been honing my skills a little trying to make a real Quest mod down the line. Until then, I've taken the island near Dawnstar and placed upon it a real castle that those seeking the 'right size' might enjoy.

Included in the castle should be all the crafting tables desired, fair storage, but most of all a beautiful location and design that I hope takes a few breaths away. There is a large history to the castle, as described in an inheritance note and a book by the Ravenscale Throne. I suppose the place is catered more to those preffering a royal and/or alchemical touch. The Keep itself hosts the living quarters, audience hall, garden, crafting tables, etc. The Tower has very little practicality except an excellent view, and an aesthetic parlour with a painting set. I missed that about Oblivion, y'know? I loved those lil paint jars.

There is also a 'very' minor dungeon beneath the Keep and Tower, for a tiny exploration. Should I add more here, perhaps?


Only a minor difference from placing it all in your Data folder, there is a folder as well for your Data -> Meshes.

There is no additional files besides Skyrim Vanilla that's needed! All parts besides those given are from the original pack.


I do say, DO NOT use this mod in conjunction with other mods using this island near Dawnstar (The leftmost in a group of four), including my first castle mod. I recommend, if you are using that, take what you want and then uninstall that previous manor, before this one should lay its foundations.

Also, there was some experimentation in the area of Blue Creek Estate, so I recommend that it be placed above this one in load order.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy! Please note me any problems or issues you see around here. Everything should be follower and no-respawn friendly, navmeshed and the like.


A somewhat new interior for the castle has been made and uploaded as the main file, as well as a new section to the dungeon. I'd recommend, if you download it to replace the old one, that you remove any stuff you have in there, as one would. Thank you, I hope the changes are to your liking!