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Skyrim Beautification Project ENB Settings. ENB settings for realism with enhanced effects. Performance & Stability guide included.

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Skyrim Beautification Project
Atmospheric fantasy preset for more vibrant, yet lore-friendly visuals & effects

This page only contains the ENB settings
Please visit the Skyrim Beautification Project site for the complete guide

Version 3.14 is now available

1: Boris's ENB (LINK)
2: Climates of Tamriel 3.1 (LINK)CoT - Weather Patch (LINK) - But any version of CoT will do

3: Uninstall other weather/lighting mods (RLO, ELFX, ELE, etc..)
*The ENB is based on CoT lighting. It will of course work with other weather/lighting mods, it just won't look as intended

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ENB Settings Before/After: (ENB)
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