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This mod aims to make the legendary graveyard of Falkreath bigger and, well... more legendary.

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A lot of legendary locations mentioned in the Elder Scrolls lore are quite unimpressive when seeing them in game, the legendary graveyard of Falkreath being one of them. The lore states that the graveyard, with 40 or so stones, is large compared to the population of Falkreath but given that the hold is hundreds of years old I figure quite a bunch would've been dropped in the ground by now.

This tiny little mod aims to make the Falkreath graveyard feel like a site of historical value, a still life of the cycle between war and peace. A lot more tombstones have been added to the graveyard and it even stretches into the woods, with older and overgrown graves. Please note that my goal with this mod was not to make an epic huge graveyard, but a site that felt realistic and lore friendly.

The mod is compatible with any mod that does not mess with the surroundings of the Falkreath graveyard. It is however also compatible with Skyrim Flora Overhaul.