Stamina and Magicka for Shouts by Jun wei Zhu
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Added: 05/12/2013 - 04:32PM
Updated: 26/01/2014 - 08:12PM

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Last updated at 20:12, 26 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 16:32, 5 Dec 2013

See changelogs for the newest changes.

Hotfix 1.4.1 (current new 1.4) Fixed a bug where changing speechcraft skill(by buff or debuff or equipment) kept reducing the cooldown multiplier until it reaches zero(zero cooldown). To restore the cooldown reduction to normal, simply buff or debuff the speechcraft or equip the amulet of Dibella after updating the mod.

Update 1.4 requires SKSE to work properly

The goal of this mod is to change the shout so it would look more realistic while at the same time it is kept balanced and as lore friendly as possible.

The amount of stamina the shouts use is equal to the cooldown that is displayed in the shout menu. The magicka cost is half of that.

Shout cooldown reduction should work properly and will reduce stamina and magicka use.

The mod is created this way so it will keep compatibility with mods that add shouts or alters shout cooldown.

This mod alters shout cooldowns so any mod that alters shout cooldown will be slightly incompatible. Stamina and magicka costs are done through script so any shout cooldown will work even if it becomes overpowered(lower cooldown). No magic effects have been altered, so any shout mod should work perfectly. Load this after any shout mod to have my intended stamina and magicka cost.
There is no actual support for dragonborn and dawnguard, but their shouts will still work with this mod with quite unbalanced shout costs.

If you think this mod enhanced your gameplay and is a worthwhile download, please endorse so I will stay motivated to make balance changes and bugfixes. Others will come to see this mod and may come to appreciate the added game changes this mod brings.

Only incompatibilities are shout cooldown altering mods as this mod has its own cooldowns to keep balance. If you install those mods, please keep this mod lower in load order.

Recommended mods to go with this:
Improved dragon shouts goes very well with this shout. Keep Improved dragon shouts above stamina and magicka shouts in load order and you'll have the best of both worlds.