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Re-introduces the day of the Revenant and brings back black soul gem creation Oblivion style.

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Oblivion Black Soul Gem Creation

Re-introduces the day of the Revenant and brings back black soul gem creation Oblivion style. I missed not being able to make black soul gems from the Oblivion days so I have introduced four evil altars in skyrim where you may go to create the gems.

Usage: I tried to keep as close to lore as possible however the vanilla soul trap spell is a bit silly the way they did it in Skyrim and doesn't lend itself to work with the process of black soul gem creation, so I have created a new spell "corrupt" which is a 50 lv alteration spell which you can find on display in Silus Vesuius's house in Dawnstar. You will need to cast the spell upon the soul gem chest when you have placed grand soul gems in it while the chest is under the effect of the Revenant. The transformation will only work with the purple/blue glow in effect which will only last for 1 hour at midnight on the day of the Revenant.


Silus's house in Dawnstar - For the spell tome
Bleakwind Bluff - You may have to wressel for use of the altar from the Hagraven
Forelhost - Overlooking the valley
Abandomed Shack - Such a lovely setting for it
Dead Crone Rock - More Hagravens and co.

Timing: It's very easy to loose track of days but finding out which day to start with and keeping track of them is up to you.

Edits: I altered the navmesh around the tables at each location - nothing drastic and no errors.

Upgrading: If you swap and use the optional Plus version which adds an altar at Sunderstone Gorge make sure it is just after an event, the script on the new altar will initialise when you re-enter the game and if you don't you will have altars out of sync.

Updates: I don't intend to add anything more to this mod, so it will mainly be glitch / bug hunting if need be.