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I was searching for a mod that I thought would be quite easy to find. I wanted to bring the sword Red Eagle's Bane in line with the way it was described in lore, a powerful flaming sword, and to make it a better quest reward without unbalancing it. I was surprised to find that while there were several great new models for the sword, there were no mods that changed its stats. This is an extremely simple mod and I was surprised that no one else had made it already, so I made it myself. This was originally for personal use but I thought I would release in case anyone else wanted it. This mod only changes the stats of Red Eagle's Bane, the quest reward you get when you pull the sword out of the stone, not Red Eagle's Fury, the sword you get at the start of the quest. It you are using a model replacer for Red Eagle's Fury, put this mod first in your load order.

Old Stats:
Damage: 11
Enchant: undead up to level 13 are set on fire and run away for 30 seconds

New Stats:
Damage: 11 <-- unchanged
Enchant: 25 fire damage and undead up to level 16 run away for 30 seconds

With these changes Red Eagle's Bane is now a fire-type counterpart to the Pale Blade which has similar stats but does frost damage and causes humans to flee instead of undead.

If you like mod, saying something in the comments. If you hate something about the mod, say something in the comments. Feedback is useful.

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