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Adds row boats to the island of Solstheim that can be used as a travel system to four different locations. Also includes a knapsack to store items on your boat.

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This mod adds a boat at Raven Rock docks on Solstheim that can be used as a travel system. There are four destinations in total...

  • Raven Rock
  • Tel Mithryn
  • Haknir's Shoal
  • Northshore Landing

The boat must be purchased for 150 gold before it can be used. Activate the boat and a menu option will appear allowing you to purchase it.

To travel, simply activate the boat and chose your destination. Choosing the [Open Knapsack] option will open up the boat's knapsack so that you can store items.

The boat will only appear at the last destination that you traveled to. If you can't remember where you left the boat, open up your world map and you will see its location as a map marker.

The boat works in a similar way to fast travel, so time will have passed when you arrive at your destination. Please be aware of this if you are using realism mods such as 'Realistic Needs and Diseases' or 'Frostfall'.

IMPORTANT - Do not use the boat when over encumbered or it will move to its destination without you.

This mod requires the 'Dragonborn' DLC.

[Boat travel for vanilla Skyrim available here -----> Realistic Boat Travel]

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