Sorceress Armors for CBBE-UNP-7Base-UNPB TBBP body by davjes
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BSA Archive files
Shield, Light and heavy
Two new texture: Bald Eagle and Dark blood
The chest is no longer at solitude. It is a little harder to find A courier will give you a letter close to solitude. The dark blood must be forged with a special ingredient. Uninstall all previous version before install the new one

Golden Azure texture and Silver Crow Texture in same file
Heavy and light armor
Add Greatsword

New Golden Azure sorceress armor with a long sword and staff.
Version Beta of new texture: Silver Crow. Install a main file and copy manually the texture folder in data folder. It's replacement not addition

1.1 Minor Corrections, Mage staff, add Argonians and Khajiit (Circlet doesn't fit well with these races)

1.01 : remove the default enchentment of staff
1.02 : Redid the config for HHS (Sorry, I forgot that I had tested some feature in the past)

Requirements CBBE Body, UNP body, Optional High Heels System.

You can forge this armor if you reach the maximum perk for smithing
You can retrieve this armor in a chest between the Winking Skeever and Angeline's Aromatics at solitude.

In each file, two versions of the armor are available.

The first version use the standard body parts: Body, Head, Feet, Hands.
The second version use more slots of body parts: Body, Head, Feet, Hands, Calves, arms ... and the necklace slot is used for the gems (See pictures) You can customize the armor and do the combination of your choice.

It's my first armor in 3D modeling and I know it's not optimized then be indulgent.

Probably, I will make a conversion for UNP Body and/or 7Base.

Special thank to EmadWasfi

Special thank to Slothability

Special thank to hodilton

Special thank to Slytra

Special thank to Chayification