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Every ingredient now contains unique properties for each of their four respective alchemy effects. This allows the player to create potions and poisons that are different, each unique to the ingredient. Common ingredients create the weaker Potions and Poisons. Rare ingredients produce the strongest variations. Scrolls are 2x more powerful. Staves

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Update 2.1 is available for any Skyre version up to 1.3.01. Be sure to place it after the Skyre modules in the load order.

Ever found it strange how a common 'Blue Mountain Flower' was alchemically as potent as the 'Daedra Heart' when crafting a healing potion? In fact, almost every ingredient produces the exact same potion or poison when combined. There is no reward for finding and using rare ingredients when two common ingredients produce the same outcome. Well not any more....

This mod overhauls Ingredients, Vendor Potions, Vendor Poisons, Scrolls, and Staves, with more on the way. The goal of this mod is to enhance these features so as to give them more in game utility, and thus create a better gaming experience. This mod does not use scripts, and can be easily added or removed to an existing game.


Every ingredient now has unique properties for each of their four alchemy effects. This allows the player to create potions and poisons that have different effects. Common ingredients create will the weakest potions and poisons. Rare ingredients produce the strongest variations. Most potions and poisons a player creates lie somewhere in between.

A Better Ingredient Economy
Ingredient gold values are roughly 3x-5x higher than the vanilla values. Collecting and selling ingredients should be profitable. Also helps prevent players from purchasing all the ingredients in a shop.

Special Alchemy books, 70 in total, are available at all the major alchemy shops. Titled, The Alchemist's Almanac, these books are a lore friendly guide detailing the changes made to Skyrim's ingredients. This way a player will know exactly which ingredients have the strongest effect when crafting a potion. The books contain data listing Potency and Duration, including expected Master and Novice level creations. For balancing purposes, these books are expensive. 50 of the books cover individual alchemy effects. The rest grouped compilations. Each shop owner should have roughly 15-20 on hand at any given point.

Potions that heal Health, Magicka, and Stamina are now duration based. These crafted potions can last anywhere from 3-10 seconds, depending upon the ingredient of course. The magnitude will not only vary upon the ingredient, but will change according to your character's alchemy level and perks.

Vendor potions have been altered to reflect the changes made by the ingredient properties. Health, Stamina, and Magicka potions heal over 5 a second interval. All duration based potions, from Resist Fire to Fortify Destruction, last significantly longer. Their magnitudes/percentages were lowered for balancing purposes.

Poisons are much deadlier than vanilla and should be effective at any level and at any difficulty.Again, these are made to match what the player can craft at the Alchemy table. The vanilla Ravage poisons were just about useless, I never used them. All Ravage poisons last significantly longer and are far more effective. All Lingering poisons now actually linger, lasting anywhere from 40 to 60 seconds. Level based poisons like Frenzy and Fear have higher level caps and durations. Weakness poisons last longer but have their percentages lowered to balance. Damage poisons are far more deadlier (35-140).

Vanilla recipes now list the correct ingredients and also list the Durations and Potencies. I've also labeled them '1 of 3', '2 of 3' etc. so you now know which ones you've bought.

Scrolls produce the strongest variation of the vanilla spell system. This creates an incentive for all character classes to keep and use scrolls as a helpful last resort.

Alteration Scrolls:
All Armor scrolls have slightly boosted stats and last for 3-5 minutes.
Magelight and Candlelight last for 210 seconds.
Paralyze for 10 seconds and Mass Paralysis for 15 seconds in an area of 40 feet.
Detect Life 150 seconds in a 200 exterior/100 interior foot area.

Conjuration Scrolls:
Summoned Daedra last 5 minutes.
Raise Dead (level 1-60) for 5 minutes.
Soul Trap lasts for 3 minutes.
Banish Daedra level 1-20/
Command Daedra level 1-30.

Destruction Scrolls:
All Runes do 80 points of damage.
Firebolt, Ice Spike, and Lightning bolt 17-18 Damage for 4 seconds.
Fireball, Ice Storm, and Chain Lightning do 100 points of damage in a 25 foot area(30ft for CL).
All Cloaks do 15 points of damage and last for 120 seconds.
Fire Storm does 125/75/50 points of damage in 100/65/25 foot ranges. Damage stacks at closer ranges.
Blizzard does 30 points of damage for 10 seconds in a 100 foot range.

Illusion Scrolls:
Fear, Frenzy, and Pacify enemy levels 1-40 for 45-90 seconds, and in ranges of 15 or 250 feet.
Rally up at either 20 or 30 levels for 120-180 seconds, and in a area of 15 feet.
Invisibility for 60 seconds.
Muffle for 300 seconds.
Call to Arms raises marksman , one-handed, and two-handed by 25 points for 600 seconds in a 100 foot area.

Restoration Scrolls:
Turn or Repel Dead from levels 1-45 for 30-60 seconds. Bane Undead has an area of 80 feet.
Fast Heal for 75 points.
Cure Wounds for 150 points.
Heal Others 100 points
Grand Healing of 200 points in a 15 foot area.

Staves are more powerful than base Magic Spells, but are weaker than the scrolls. Special named staves have powerful unique enchantments that rival scroll effects.

Skooma now has Stamina and Magicka fortification properties. These benefits will tempt the player to use them. The side effect of using these drugs, however, is a reduction in the player's barter skill. This reduction will last far after the beneficial properties have already ended. The reasoning behind this is that the player is too 'messed-up' to effectively barter, again balancing purposes.

Any version of Skyrim.
This mod was created with the Unofficial patches in mind. So this mod incorporates such similar fixes and changes.

Drop the .esp file into your 'Data' folder or install through a mod manager.
If you use any of the DLCs, just install the relevant version.
This mod doesn't use any scripts so uninstalling shouldn't be a problem, just make sure any effects have ended before doing so.

Will conflict with any mod that make changes to vanilla Ingredients, Potions, Poisons, Scrolls, and Staffs. They may harmlessly override, but the severity of the conflict depends on which mods you use. Mods that add ingredients to the game should be compatible if they use their own "Magic Effects". Just run Tes5edit and look for conflicts there.

Take Notes - Journal of the Dragonborn
This mod is an excellent way to keep track of ingredient Potency and their Durations early on.
T3nd0s Skyrim Redone
Be sure to use my compatibility version.

1. Tweak any values that might need it.
2. Incorporate my own changes to foods
Bug fixes of course. Any recommendations made by the community.