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Several static objects are now animated, as they should be

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The mod adds opening/closing and idle animations to several objects that should be animated in my opinion for the sake of greater “realism”.
Consider 1.9 the final update. The only static containers remaining are corpses and they should probably stay that way.

Now included:
common barrel has opening/closing animations
thiefs guild cache has opening/closing animations
wrapped draugr have opening/closing animations
orc end table has opening/closing sounds
noble chest has opening/closing sounds (Old hroldan)
orc shack doors have opening/closing sounds (Largashbur)
spider sack 1.9 improved
dwemer dresser added closing sound
solitude palace inner door added opening/closing sounds
Sovngarde mead barrels
Winterhold trap door has opening/closing animation
imperial wall button animates properly when activated
wall cage has opening/closing sounds
Whiterun underforge doors have opening/closing animations
Solitude burial urn has opening/closing animation (solitude catacombs)
Dwemer coffins have opening/closing animations
Riften coffin has opening/closing animation
Whiterun coffin has opening/closing animation
Imperial sewer entrance
Imperial well entrance
Imperial trap doors
Katariah trap doors
Noble coffin
Poor coffin
Falmer chest and tribal falmer chest opening/closing
Doors in Windhelm Gray Quarters now animate when opening
satchel, knapsack animates when opening/closing
trapdoor to the basement in your home if you have Hearthfires
large ships, Katariah have idle animation (minor clipping with objects on ships)
ship trap door
Riften sewer entrance
all sacks from vanilla game
Strongbox has opening/closing sounds
Winterhold bookcase has opening/closing sounds
Dwemer convector has opening/closing sounds
Wall behind doors when entering ford Dawnguard is no longer visible
Elder scroll chest (which Valerica opens in Soul Cairn) has opening/closing sounds
Farmhouse trap door improved animation
Coffin has opening/closing animation
Albino spider sack has opening/closing animation
Beehive - for this I’ve done something different ;)

The only reason this modular installer exists is because kevkas was kind enough to make it and deserves a bag of cookies :)

Incompatibilities with mods:
This is a mesh replacer, it doesn’t and won’t include esp files
I personally use SMIM, ELFX and water and terrain enhancement redux. Had no issues with any of them, but since i don’t use parallax, the meshes don’t point to parallax maps if you use texture overhauls with parallax support. I don’t think you are gonna miss parallax on containers or doors, but if you do, you can add the texture location to a mesh pretty easy, I’m not gonna explain how. I don’t follow the water mod updates, so I don’t know what meshes it includes, but if you are skeptical I suggest not using ship meshes from this mod.

BTW, please understand that these are my personal preferences in speed, size, type of animation, etc. so there is too much work for me in changing them or making optional speed changes

Installation: just replace the default mesh in your folder structure

If I eventually find anything that bothers me, I’ll add it. I would like to thank everybody for endorsing/downloading/liking this. It’s always nice if your stuff is appreciated.
Have fun!

If you think something obvious (container, door) isn’t animated and should be in the main game or extensions, let me know