About this mod

This mod aims to explain many reasons why crashes happen and how to prevent or fix them.

Permissions and credits
In this file you will find some of the most subtle and nefarious reasons why Skyrim crashes, from my own experience. There are so many reasons why and this should help you IMMENSELY. I am running 165-170 mods and this has made my game extremely stable. I can usually play all day without crashing. Maybe only 2-3 times a day as opposed to 50. Should help everyone. Mod specific, setting specific info, random reasons, .INI information, the whole package. I hope it helps. This is not a .ESP or .ESM file. And yes it requires WINRAR to open. It is a Wordpad file that you read, not that you put in your Data folder (although it shouldn't do anything if you do). These tips and situations will not help everyone, I can't make this a one-way miracle. It is to help people in general. If you have found help with it, great. If not, I'm sorry but it won't always apply to everyone.

Oh, and I add bugs/fixes by comment on this file sometimes. Check the comments section to get the latest news if there isn't a new version yet. Feel free to ask me questions or for help, I have time for it now.