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Formerly known as "Less Sexy Armor Redux." A spiritual successor to 747823's "Less sexual female armor" mod. Changes the female vanilla armors' meshes to be more realistic and immersive.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a "spiritual successor" to 747823's "Less sexual female armor." The point of this mod is to change the impractical female armors in Skyrim to ones more consistent with those of their male counterparts.

It fixes some minor issues of the original mod (namely the problems with the neck gaps), adds true weight slider support, and makes small changes to better fit the armors to the vanilla female body.

While I really liked 747823's original mod, one of my major gripes with it is that it simply isn't enough to just take the male armors and stick them on the female body since it would be poorly fitted (shoulders were too wide, the hip area was too narrow, and the breastplates were poorly fitted to the female torso). The armors in this mod look almost exactly like the male versions, but are sized properly to the different weights and have a slight feminine body shape.

The Armors:
As of version 1.3, the following armors have been implemented:

Steel Plate Armor, Orcish Armor, Elven Armor, Elven Light Armor, Ebony Armor, Ebony Mail, Imperial Heavy, Dragonscale, Dragonplate, Chitin Heavy, Glass, Nordic Carved, Ancient Nord, Wolf, Vampire, and Stormcloak Officer

I do not plan to add any more armors to this list.

Use NMM or simply extract the archive into your Skyrim/Data folder.

If using NMM, you will be prompted to select which armors you want to install. Check the ones you want, then finish. Overwrite any files if asked to do so.

In addition, as of version 1.3 there is an esp file for the alternate Vampire Armor colors if you install them. The only thing changed in it is the Armor Addon object for the light gray and red versions. Load that esp after anything that changes those forms.

Deactivate in NMM.


Delete the following files:
"meshes/armor/sons of talos/outfitf_0.nif"
"meshes/armor/sons of talos/outfitf_1.nif"

This mod is 100% compatible with all texture replacers as well as anything that changes vanilla armor values (e.g. SkyRe, Requiem, etc). In addition, it only changes the torso armor, so any modded helmets, boots, etc. should be compatible.

Recommended mods:
Improved closefaced helmets by navida1
This mod really complements mine since with it you can now see female characters' eyes through the helmet spaces. All you really need are small touches to show a character is female.

Female to Male Helmet Replacer for Iron and Ancient Nord by QuickFox
As of Version 1.2, my mod includes the Ancient Nord Armor making it look like the male version. This mod makes the female helmet also match. With this and my mod, the Ancient Nord Armor sets for both male and female look almost identical (except for the boots).

Any of the aMidianBorn texture replacers by CaBaL
What's not to love about high quality textures on your armors? :P Patches are included in the all-in-one installer.

Gilded Nordic Carved Armor by vipermkii
This adds a nice gilded standalone version of the Nordic Carved Armor.  A compatibility patch is included in the all-in-one installer.

Sleeved Imperials by 4killmaster
This changes all the imperial armors to have sleeves. A compatibility patch is included in the all-in-one installer.

Knight Armor -Ebony Armor Edit by 92DemonKing
This changes the Ebony Armor's shoulders to be much closer to the body and sleeker. A compatibility patch is included in the all-in-one installer.

Bodyslide by Caliente
Thanks to preeum, this mod now has presets for Bodyslide!  Just select the option in the installer.  They will appear under 'Practical' in the Outfit filter.

This mod may have some issues with anything that change armor meshes. HOWEVER, as of version 1.1 my mod contains a moduleconfig file that allows you to pick and choose which armors you want to install via NMM. So, if you want this mod to work with other armor meshes, simply uncheck the meshes you don't want to install. However, I can't guarantee it will work well with female body replacers since I didn't fit the armors to any of them.

The following are armor mods that have a similar scope to my own and may be incompatible:

747823's "Less sexual female armor"
I designed this mod to be an "improved" version of "Less sexual female armor." The original mod's armor meshes are therefore incompatible with my own. Note however that the current version does not include all the armors covered in the original. If you want to use my meshes as well as the ones I didn't cover from his mod, install his mod first then overwrite the meshes with mine.

calyps' and nuska's "CNHF 1_0 Calyps and Nuskas Heroic Form BODY REPLACER"
Their mod does a lot of the same things as mine. In addition, it includes a female body replacer, makes changes to more armors, and also includes a variety of clothes. While I definitely respect the scale and thoroughness of their work, there were some things in it that I'm not too keen on (e.g. the weird "dented" shape on the Elven armor, waists on some of the armor were too wide IMO, etc.). In addition, I've never really been interested in female body replacers. I made my mod in case anyone just simply wanted a desexualized armor mod with weight sliders that worked with the default vanilla body.

Other incompatible mods:
Deadly Mutilation by Lamer1000
This mod requires compatible mesh packs in order to get the mutilation to work. I personally don't use this mod and therefore didn't create my meshes with Deadly Mutilation in mind. In addition, I'm not familiar with what is needed to create Deadly Mutilation compatible meshes, so I probably can't create a compatibility patch myself. However, if anyone is familiar with Deadly Mutilations' meshes and wants to try to patch it, feel free to use any resources in my mod as long as credit is given.

Future Plans:
I have finished all the armors I planned to modify. I'm done! Again, thanks to all who have given feedback and comments. :)

Now, a small story...
After trying out 747823's "Less sexual female armor," I was so happy with his mod that I wanted to go write a comment on his mod page. That did not happen. Why you may ask? The comments to the mod page are locked due to a "debate on a file release thread." That made me very sad...

With the memory of 747823's "Less sexual female armor," I was inspired to create the mod you see before you today. But, I first wanted to look around at other mod authors' desexualized armors and stumbled across calyps' and nuska's "CNHF 1_0 Calyps and Nuskas Heroic Form BODY REPLACER." I peeked around in their comments section and noticed a sticky stating that there would be "zero tolerance on transphobic/bigoted/hateful comments." The fact that they had to post that also made me very sad...

After working for many days, I finally made enough armors to create the release you see before you today. With that said, please let there be no debates or hateful comments on my mod page; they will be ignored and the only thing you will do is make me very sad...

First Release.

Added Imperial Heavy, Dragonscale, Dragonplate, and Chitin Heavy Armors
Made a small size reduction to the chestplate of the Ebony Armor
Added ModuleConfig file

Added Glass, Ancient Nordic, and Nordic Carved Armors
Fixed clipping issue with Elven armors and gauntlets
Made small tweaks to Imperial Armor to fix some distortion issues

Added Wolf, Vampire, and Stormcloak Officer Armors

Special thanks to Nightasy on the Nexus for prodiving really useful tutorials on how to make armor mods link

Also, special thanks to 747823 for providing the original idea for the mod and being kind enough to allow anyone to make modifications and improvements to it.

Special thanks to Taverner for creating the original BAIN/NMM all-in-one installer and Glass variants patch.

Special thanks to preeum for creating the presets for Bodyslide.

Special thanks to EpitomyOfShyness for compiling the aMidianBorn Addon Patch and CaBaL120 and kryptopyr for the textures in that patch.

and finally thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim, and all that other good stuff. :P