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Fixes and improves the STAR WARS Easter Egg inside Bleakcoast cave

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Attention: Please read at my FAQ in this page before posting a question. I believe that is common courtesy.
Thank you.


If you want to experience the content blindly, then all you need to know is that this mod improves the Bleakcoast Cave Easter Egg by fixing it to look as Bethesta intended. Furthermore, it adds a moderately tough boss and a unique reward.
Good luck (:

Exactly what it does:

Now come the spoilers:
- FIXES the Bleakcoast Cave STAR WARS Easter Egg by fixing the ‘Don’t Havok Settle’-Glitch that plagued this, among many dungeons. This has been accomplished by adding a script to the objects that were supposed to act as static, forcing them to do so. The Easter Egg now appears as Bethesta intended, as opposed to a pile of bones with a sword.
(This feature is available as a stand-alone download in the file-section, for those who would rather have the Easter Egg fixed without the two remaining features.)
- ADDS a medium-tough boss to the dungeon; a Frost Troll, called ‘Giant Frost Troll’, 1.5X size and 3X health and damage (meant to impersonate the Wampa that attacks Luke in the opening of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back). Probably unsuited for the lowest levels…
Some sort of armor might be in order as well…
By the way, the Troll drops something you might find useful *wink*…
- ADDS a unique Greatsword, the Starblade, which is a fantasy interpretation of a Lightsaber; Instead of severing limbs though, the sword deals 25 base damage and 25 fire damage over 5 seconds and swings slightly faster than a regular Greatsword. It cannot be disenchanted, but can be improved at a grindstone with a Flawless Sapphire (I thought this was cleaver, as the blades of Lightsabers [in the expanded universe] are focused through a crystal, of the same colour as the blade).

Update 1.1  - The STABLADE’s colour can now be changed at a forge (in the 'Misc'-section; requires ‘Arcane Blacksmith’). Colours include default/blue (requires a Flawless Sapphire), green (requires a Flawless Emeral), purple (requires a Flawless Amathyst), and red (requires a Flawless Ruby). Each colour sets your foes ablaze with matching, custom fire shaders! (all colours are equal in damage)
WARNING: changing the colour of the Starblade will reset all improvements, which could turn out expensive, given that these are made with flawless gemstones (you will be refunded ONE gemstone, of the colour you changed from, in order to not penalise trying different colours). Choose your colour wisely!


No future plans exist for this mod at this point.


This mod will conflict with any that alters the Bleakcoast Cave dungeon.


Q: Why did you make this?
A: I like Star Wars a lot and I wanted to pay a small tribute. I think fans might enjoy living a little bite of the story this way.

Q: How did you get the sword to glow?
A: See this tutorial and forum topic for further help. Retexturing weapons to glow is a very easy [and awesome] thing to do. I was able to make my first glowing weapon within two or three hours, and I’m not really that smart. Give it a go!

Q: I was able to find my way around the big troll and get the sword before the boss-battle. Is this exploit intentional?
A: Not as such. While the dungeon is designed that way, neither did I want to add two trolls nor edit the layout of the dungeon itself - my knowledge of cell editing is limited, so I didn’t want to end up breaking anything.
I would always suggest trying to beat the boss first, and then regard the sword as a reward, but however one plays the dungeon is up to the player.

Q: The Troll boss seems unable to move within the small ice-caves. How did he get into the cave in the first place?
A: Moving sideways. Not very smart, considering that he’s too dumb to get himself out again…
Silly Troll...

Q: I can just bait the boss to the small caves and then easily take him out with archery/magic…
A: Well, You can also bait the rest of the trolls to the protruding rock in the big chamber, and just shoot them from there; but if you’re looking for a challenge then I suggest you stop looking for loopholes.

Q: This sword seems sorta OP/UP?
A: Everything becomes OP at higher levels of the game. I realise that this sword is not the most powerful weapon in the game, but I did not want it to be a one-hit-killer.
I know it’s powerful in early levels, and in the weaker end at higher levels, but I believe that it is about the right level to keep the game interesting…
You’re always welcome to tweak it yourself ;)
(Just don’t re-upload without permission!)


- Bethesta Softworks as always
- The awesome guys who roam the ‘Quick Questions, Quick Answers’-topics on Bethesta Softworks’ Creation Kit Forums - I could not have done this without you!


Please do contact me if you have any wish to involve my work in another project. Then we’ll have a chat and see what we can do ;)

Thank you :)