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Activates Spellbreaker Ward when blocking (1h/2h/shield), optional Spellbreaker model replacer.

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Spellbreaker Perk

Activates Spellbreaker Ward when you use 1h/2h/shield block, it's a perk so it works with enchanted items as well. User requested mod.
Vanilla effect: "While blocking, creates a ward that protects against spells for up to points."

- unpack Ghosu - Spellbreaker Perk.esp to ...|skyrim|data|
- ingame open console (key ^) and enter HELP "SPELLBREAKER PERK", the console shows you a code like xx000D6A
- enter PLAYER.ADDPERK CODE (in this example it would be player.addperk xx000d6a), perk is now active
- to deactivate the perk just enter PLAYER.REMOVEPERK CODE or deactivate the plugin

Spellbreaker Replacer

Replaces the original Spellbreaker with a remeshed model, user requested mod.
Just unpack the downloaded file to ...|Skyrim|data|, to uninstall simply delete ...|Skyrim|data|meshes|armor|Spellbreaker folder.

This is not among my major projects so there are no plans on further BIG updates or whatever, i add/fix/change stuff depending on my own motivation and time so pls don't spam the comment section with random requests, the initial user request is fullfilled (i pick user requests myself from the Nexus board)