Faster Woodland Creatures by SLuckyD
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Last updated at 0:17, 16 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 22:26, 28 Dec 2011

I, SLuckyD, am no longer developing or supporting this mod.

Faster Woodland Creatures v1.2
(a.k.a.) Rotten Rat's FAST v1.2
- a Gameplay Tweak mod by SLuckyD

***** NOTE ON NEW VERSION: v1.2 is the newest version, and is the ONLY one which is 100% compatible with Skyrim. Please do not use any old versions, as it may cause problems or interfere with your game. If the new version's features should be changed, leave a comment and I'll consider it.*****

If you're like me... you've been wondering how and why it's possible for a humanoid to outrun rabbits, deer, wolves, etc. Well wonder no more!

This simple mod makes hunting more realistic - in the respect that if you 'spook' your prey, they will bail faster than you'll be able to keep up... so hunting now requires use of stealth, stalking, and tracking (if spooked). HINT: bunnies & foxes are easier to kill if, like a real hunter, you find & note where they're most likely to appear... then come back another time and sneak up on the defenseless little beggars.

It ALSO makes it so that 'WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK...' they do so with Earthly, not Bethesdian speed... so you better be prepared to FACE that pack of wolves, those nasty sabre cats, or grizzled bears... you will NOT outrun them for long. You may very well soil yourself the first time one of these things comes after you! No more traipsing through the hinterland willy-nilly... unless you're armed to the TEETH or just have a deathwish.

- Several animals have been sped up
(tweaked ONLY the "Speed," under the Stats tab for Races/Actors in the CK)
- Some pelts have increased in value to offset the increased difficulty in obtaining them
- Nothing has been made stronger, and nothing's AI has been altered.

DEADLY Animals:
- Bears, Cave Bears, Snow Bears
- Sabre Cats, Sabre Snow Cats
- Wolves, Ice Wolves
- Chaurus
- Slaughterfish
- Horkers
- Frostbite Spiders (and Giant, Large, Snow, Snow Giant, Snow Large)
- Wild Mammoths
- Skeevers

- Wild Goats
- Hares (bunnies)
- Fox, Arctic Fox
- Elk, Female Elk
- Deer
- Cows

- Sabre Cat, Sabre Snow Cat
- Fox, Snow Fox
- Wolf, Ice Wolf
- Cave Bear, Bear, Snow Bear
- Deer

(All pelts' values were doubled, except foxes - they were pretty hard to begin with... FORGET ABOUT IT NOW! So I 10x'd their pelts. This isn't really a cheat or unbalancing, as I think the most valuable ones are snowbears at 150.. the Arctic Fox is still only like 70.)

- copy this mod's DATA folder to your game's installation folder
- run the game; and in the Skyrim Launcher, click "Data Files"
- make sure the box next to this mod is CHECKED
(uncheck the mod "Rotten Rat's FAST v1.1 by SLuckyD" - this mod replaces it and v1.0)
- click "OK" then click "Play"
- wander around the wilderness until it's too late

- None that I know of. If you find any, either post them where you downloading this mod, or send me a Private Message on one of those sites.

Originally, the mod's name was a play on words... a nod to people who may use the phrase: "I couldn't give a ROTTEN RAT'S A$$!" I changed it to better reflect its purpose, as not to mislead, confuse, or obscure anyone's understanding.

- delete this mod's ESP
- load a saveGame
- save a NEW saveGame (to create "clean" saveGame, without this mod)

Bethesda (or "Licensor" as defined in the Skyrim EULA) is not the author of the "Customized Game Materials" included in this package.

SLuckyD is not responsible for any damage these materials may cause, and/or failure to successfully deliver any stated products or services.

(availability may be limited until I can update them to 100% compatible Skyrim Creation Kit Versions)

- Moving Target Practice

- Portable On-demand Disposable Unlimited Mannequins (SPODUM)

- Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix

- Overlook Tower Player Home
(this was the first Skyrim mod to offer a non-Vanilla Player-home)

- Gokstad Sailable Viking Ship & Portable Player Home
(this was the first Skyrim mod to implement real-time sailing/flying with multiple objects)

- Faster Woodland Creatures

- Wounded Knee Gulch
(this was the first Skyrim mod to offer a new dungeon)

- Ring of Fortify Carry Weight plus 10000

- Bullseye
(this was the first Skyrim mod to offer a new worldSpace, as well as several other 'preCK firsts')


- Flyable Dragon Race Revamped
(I did the ground-detection, which auto-switches the dragon to walking mode)