Playable Child Armor by Rez Delnava
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Added: 28/12/2011 - 10:08PM
Updated: 30/12/2011 - 12:30AM

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Last updated at 0:30, 30 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 22:08, 28 Dec 2011

Playable armors when playing a Dovahkiinder (Child Dragonborn)!

This is largely a beta release/proof of concept mod. While the bulk of the file size is the converted armor meshes, the structure of the mod demands that it be labeled as an overhaul: this mod replaces the ARMO file for the affected armors and adds new ARMA structs to point to a new directory containing the converted meshes.

While not a difficult task, converting the armor and creating the file structure is painstakingly long task for one person to do solo; so for now only 3 items have been converted (I'm also not a very skilled mesher with 3DSMax yet, so there are probably some artefacts of my lack of skills).

Right now, only the main armor has been converted (no helms, gloves, boots just yet).

If there is enough interest, I would like to turn this into a community effort (or possibly join another community effort).

This mod requires you to have an existing mod enabling playable children (CHOOSE ONE):
  • Killable Children by Xylozi
  • Playable childs and Dremora races by Sagittarius22
  • Playable children race by SpyderMoHawK

You may also want:
  • Playable child clothes for child characters, by DeadlyKris

Use NMM or standard manual unzip/drag/drop/merge procedure.

-If you would like to request a specific armor for me to convert next, please leave a comment. I will try to fulfill popular requests firsts. Please bear in mind that certain armors take more time to convert than others (armors with cloth leggings/sleeves take significant re-meshing) while others (armors with full plate coverings like elven armor) just require an adapted ARMO/AMRA set.

-If you are a mesher and would like to contribute to the project, any help would be appreciated. Please just sent a PM with the name of the mesh you plan to work on converting, and we can work from there.

Armor List:
  • Elven Light Armor (ID: 105f12)
  • Hide Armor (ID: 13911)
  • Imperial Light Armor

  • This list is empty, but if you would like to contribute, please send a PM

Planned Updates:
-Tutorial for converting armor.

Version history:
- beta release
- added 4 new conversions: 2 bandit/hide armor, daedric, and blades.

known issues:
- elven, daedric and blades armors have disconnected hands in 3rd person. Scaling should quick-fix issue.
- daedric armor is flagged non-playable, must be worn using equipeitem console command (also may conflict with mods that make daedric playable for adults)
- Certain armors lost their FULL field in conversion, thus items names may appear as gibberish.

- beta release
- contains three armors.