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Conan the Barbarian Outfit

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To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!

video courtesy of Rhevn


This is my attempt at recreating the Conan the Barbarian and The Destroyer Outfits with totally made from scratch meshes ( only the female version of the Hyborian uses a small portion of the female vanilla ancient nord armor due to it's similarity and dualism in the female version of the outfit) ...

The outfit Includes the following items :

Pitfight Circlet
Hyborian Fur Slips
Leather Studded and banded mixed
Hyborian Fur Boots
Wheel of Pain Amulet Gold

to find this outfit you need to travel to Angis Camp , look inside the cabin , The Camp is located south of Falkreath ...

In version 6_4 the items have been moved to the Doomstone in the middle of the island in the Lake west of Riverwood ...

more version will come in future ...

Color codes:
Done Released
Done Unreleased
Almoust finished not yet released
Work in Progress
To be Done

the Planned Outfit Parts are:

Conan Cimmerian Outfit light MALE( Completed )

Pitfight Circlet
Barbarian Fur Slips
Leather Studded and banded mixed
Barbarian Fur Boots
Wheel of Pain Amulet Gold

Valeria Cimmerian Outfit light Female ( to be done )

Conan Cimmerian Outfit Covered MALE

Barbarian Fur Pants
Leather Studded wristguards

Conan Warpaint Outfit MALE

Valeria Warpaint Outfit Female

Conan Pitfight Outfit

Valeria Pitfight Outfit Female


Atlantean Sword + Scabbard ( I will check in future for a possibility to use it both 1h and 2 h eventually seeing how the spells can be equipped 1 or 2 h )
Valeria Sword + Scabbard

Rexor Triple Axe
Mombata Mace
Thorgrim Hammer
Thulsa Doom Staff


Thulsa Doom Helmet
Rexor Helmet

BTW if you download , like and enjoy please endorse it don't forget ...

Also refer here any problems or issues you may have with the files , I tried my best at making them compatible with any race but I have not tested

Version 1.1

Updated only for World version and Male human version

1 scaled up more the height of the circlet
2 Match better the color of the central part with the central band
3 enlarge a bit the central protection
4 increase the reddish tone of the central band
5 decrease the black tone of the outher borders
6 Lower and Declinate position for better fitting

Version 1.2

1 Updated The specular color reflection , now is white and no more blue / green ....

Updated only for world and male version ...

Version 2

Added Fur Slips in two versions Sabertooth tiger fur and Wolf fur :

it replaces the Bandit skirt for the moment untill the CK comes out and will allow me to put in shops eventually or from some Barbarian crafter ... Anyway if you want to try the other version just rename the files ... that end like "_Wolf_diffuse" rename to just "_diffuse"

Version 2.1

Fixed The floating mesh bug ...

Version 2.2 Fixed some Crash issues when looting the item ...

Version 3.0

Added Conan Wrist guards ....

Version 4.0

Added Fur Cimmerian Boots

Version 4.1
Fixed small clipping problemof boots with some Vanilla Outfits that do not have the right dismemberment modifier selection ....

BTW if you download , like and enjoy please endorse it don't forget ...

All the content of this mod is original and made from scratch , doesn't takes anything from the original Game ...

-Any item in this Mod is made completely from scratch and makes no use of anything by Bethesda or Third party ...
-Do not sell any of the contents of this archive or the archive as a whole.
-Do not share or otherwise redistribute any of the archive's contents or the archive as a whole without permission form the author.