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Adds a total of 32 new bound weapons plus shields in 4 groups. All of the weapons have custom enchant shaders (based upon my Enchantments Upgraded mod). Otherwise, they work exactly the same as a normal bound weapon.

The weapon and shield spells only equip in the right hand due to the mechanics of the spell but will summon both the weapon and the shield from one cast. Both items dispel if you sheath your weapon though this does leave your left hand empty (sorry but I'm working to fix this).

The 3 types of Bound Atronach spells are Destruction Spells and the Blood spells are Restoration spells.

For each group, this mod adds:

Bound Dagger
Bound Sword
Bound Mace
Bound War Axe
Bound Greatsword
Bound Warhammer
Bound Great Axe
Bound Bow
Bound Sword & Shield
Bound Mace & Shield
Bound War Axe & Shield

All weapons have 4 power levels that range from iron weapons (equivalent to vanilla bound weapons) through to roughly the same physical damage as a legendary smithed dragonbone weapon. The weapons level based on whether (or not) you have the Mystic Binding perk and your level in the appropriate skill (Destruction for the Atronach weapons and Restoration for the Blood weapons) - reaching level 60 in the appropriate skill gives the enhanced weapon.

The new groups are:

Fire Atronach Binding - grants bound fire-based weapons that do fire damage and have a chance to cause the target to generate a fiery explosion when killed. These weapons also provide resistance to fire based on the level of the weapon (from 10% for a basic one-handed weapon to 100% for top level weapon and shield). You are (deliberately) not immune to the explosion yourself so be careful!

Frost Atronach Binding - grants bound frost-based weapons that do frost damage, slow the target and have a chance to freeze them solid. These weapons also provide resistance to frost based on the level of the weapon (from 10% for a basic one-handed weapon to 100% for top level weapon and shield).

Storm Atronach Binding - grants bound shock-based weapons that do shock damage and have a chance to disintegrate the target. These weapons also provide resistance to shock based on the level of the weapon (from 10% for a basic one-handed weapon to 100% for top level weapon and shield).

Blood Bound - grants blood / bone themed weapons that absorb health from the target, have a chance to cause fear and will reanimate dead bodies to fight for you if you hit a corpse with them. These weapons are intended for vampires and if you cast the spell when you are not a vampire, they will damage your health and stamina for as long as you hold the weapons.

You cannot purchase these spells as normal. To get the spells, you need to visit the cellar of Anise's cabin (along the river to the West of Riverrun). On the table near the enchanter, you will find a book that grants the 3 Atronach dagger spells (and levels your Desctruction). All of the rest of the spell book are forged at the Skyforge. The forging recipies are only visible once you know the dagger spells and will disappear once you have read each tome.

The Novice Tome grants all of the appropriate one-handed spells, Apprentice gives the two-handed weapons, Shielded should be obvious and Adept gives the Bows.

Each set of tomes is only available once you reach the appropriate skill level:

Novice are available as soon as you learn the dagger spells
Apprentice are available once your skill reachs 20
Adept are available once you reach 45