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Project: Dusk's Cabin
Author: Ithlia
Version: 1.0
Original Release Date: 18/10/2012
Category: Houses

This is one of my older house mods that I decided to add back to the Nexus after getting a few requests to do so. The mod is being offered as is because I have no desire to alter it in any way. It is the one house out of all my house mods that I use every play through and I like it just the way it is. This version of Dusk's is unchanged from the last version that was available here.

The latest version of Skyrim.

Dusk's Cabin is a small home located near Whiterun. It is a one room cabin but it has everything you need for crafting, enchanting and alchemy. It is a great starter home or a home for someone that likes to play a character that leads a simpler life.

The cabin has a bunk bed so it will sleep two.

There is an outhouse built onto the back of the cabin and a wood chopping block there as well.

The cabin interior has an 'outdoor' look to it. You can see the sky through the slatted roof and pine needles drift in as well but it will never rain or snow inside.

The house comes with a pet chicken. I originally had the chicken outside but the local wildlife kept killing it so I moved it indoors for protection. The hen seemed pretty happy inside so I left it there.

The cabin interior and exterior have been fully NavMeshed.

Cleaned with TES5Edit 3_0_30

Use NMM or manual installiation if you prefer.

Manual Instructions
1) Extract the contents of the ZIP folder into your Data folder
2) Make sure the Dusk's Cabin.esp is checked in the Launcher

Manual Instructions
1) Delete the files/folders associated with the mod
2) Uncheck the Dusk's Cabin.esp in the Launcher

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
Thanks to InsanitySorrow for the ReadMe Generator this ReadMe is based on.
Thanks to bfadragon for Extra Foods
Thanks to Blary for Book Sets, Food Container, Open Books and Potion Shelf resources
Thanks to DarkRider for Stoneware resource
Thanks to InsanitySorrow for the Buildy Blocks, ClutterStuffs and Washing Stuff resources.
Thanks to Lilith for Baskets, Buttons, and Ready Clutter.7 resources.
Thanks to Merilia for Babettes Feast
Thanks to Oaristys and Tony67 for Resource Pack 1.7
Thanks to Stroti for the Rustic Furniture resources
A special thank you to Tamira for converting Stroti's items for Skyrim

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