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A lore-friendly reconstruction of Resident Evil 1 for Skyrim.

Defeat the evil inside to earn this memorable Playerhouse.

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New version available for "Oldrim" and for "Skyrim Special Edition"
Version 5.0 is NOT compatible with older versions.


A lore-friendly Resident Evil 1 Remake for Skyrim
~ Playerhouse & Challenge ~

This mod is intended to be a challenge on a balanced, varied and enjoyable level.
But it's not a shame to run away like a cowardly Draugr.


"Final Edition" / Version 4.0+ (Best Playerhouse, most difficult, adds unique items, new functions)
"Dark Edition" / Version 3.0+ (Complete rebuild, based on Skyrim default material only)
Initial Release / Version 1.0+ (Uncomplete rebuild, most buggy, most easy)

This is a lore-friendly reconstruction of Resident Evil 1 as Playerhouse and Challenge for Skyrim.

Contains a completly rebuild of the Spencer Mansion, inclusive Basement, Dormitory and Laboratorium.

The whole architecture and atmosphere is close as possible to the Resident Evil game, but everything else is slightly redesigned to fit into the world and timeline of Skyrim.
The connections between all the locations are different to the original game to match the outer area good as possible and to promote the playability.

There is no listed questline, but close to Resident Evil you have to face the evil inside and solve some secrets to push through.

After the clearing the whole location is fully usable as Playerhouse, probably the biggest you can get.
(Now slightly redesigned to be more practically!)

  • Savegames from the versions 1.X/2.X/3.X are not compatible with version 4.0! If you have an old version of The Evil Mansion installed, you have to create a clean savepoint with the "TheEvilMansion.esp" disabled/deleted before installing the Final Edition.
  • Version 4.0 adds new meshes, textures, music, sounds and scripts to the game, which increased the file size massively.

  • A lore-friendly recreation of Resident Evil 1 for Skyrim.
  • Contains Spencer Mansion, Basement, Dormitory, Laboratorium and Underground.
  • Puzzles, traps and secrets close to the original game.
  • Bossfights.
  • Respawning enemies.
  • High difficulty in various ways.
  • Fully usable as Playerhouse.
  • 15 Companions and Vendors unlockable.
  • Unique balancing, considering characters up to level 100 and beyond.
  • Changed races with special attributes for nearly all enemies.
  • Unique loot. (Items, Weapons, Armors and Clothes)
  • Compatible with Followers.

  • 10 Mannequins.
  • 20+ Weaponracks and 10+ Display-Cases.
  • 2 Potionshelfes.
  • 4 interactive Bookshelfes.
  • All 5 locations of the Mansion are usable, all containers are safe.
  • All containers have sandboxing disabled to be safe from NPCs.
  • 5 essential Companions with day/night cycle inside the Mansion. (must be unlocked)
  • 1 essential Companion (Joanna) who will hold Position after leaving. (must be rescued)
  • 9 Vendors with day/night cycle inside the Mansion. (must be unlocked)
  • Vendor Thief (mostly in Dormitory) buys stolen goods.
  • Merchant, Hunter and Alchemist sells unique potions and arrows.
  • A Horse parking slot at the maindoor.
  • All traps can be disabled in the last location.
  • Dead corpses disappear after 7 days. (default)
  • Clutter (books/bottles etc.) seem to move back into position after 7 days, if not picked up. (default)

  • All of the enemies are leveled so it should be playable for all characters. Despite all the testings, there might be passages in this mod with a frustrating difficulty for low leveled players.
  • No other mods or add-ons are required.
  • There should be no compatibility problem with other mods, as long the exterior location around Morthal is not influenced.
  • The Mansion is located in the northern swamps of Morthal, there are no important objects deleted or moved to get space for the Mansion.
  • Some interior-cells are huge, specially the upper Mansion. Loading time might be long and performance bad.
  • It's my first work with CK. If there are big mistakes, bugs or whatever, please let me know.

If you have installed The Evil Mansion v1.X, v2.X or v3.X, you have to delete/disable the "TheEvilMansion.esp/.bsa" files, and to create a clean savepoint before installing the Final Edition.- Put the "Data" folder into your Skyrim directory.(...Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim)- "Yes" to replace.
- Open the Skyrim launcher
- Click on Data Files
- Check "TheEvilMansionFE.esp"

- Remove "TheEvilMansionFE.esp" from the "Data" folder.
- Remove "TheEvilMansionFE.bsa" from the "Data" folder.

"Tougher Traps" by Xylozi
"Spouses Can Live Everywhere" by Amgepo and Emma

I'm looking for my keys.
There are maps lying around, red crosses show the positions of all available keys. Probably you have to solve a puzzle to get a key. It is possible that a key moved out of its position because this Skyrim "havok" script isn't relivable. If this is the case and you can't see the key you could use console "tcl" to search the closer area.

On entering the Mansion NPCs are not loaded. (If for example the Dining Room, first room left, is empty)
Randomly appearing, mostly recognized after tests with the "coc command" before loading a savegame. To fix this you have to load a savepoint before you entered the concerning location for the first time, maybe with restarting Skyrim first.

Static objects like buttons, doors, etc. are missing.
Sometimes things (which were always there) are just not there. Only solution is a reload.

After a lot of dying and reloading, things like Spawns/Triggers/Activators, are not working anymore.
Also recognized this strange bug in my tests, the more often you die and the game automaticly reloads to your last savepoint, that higher is the chance for "not working scripts". I recommend to restart Skyrim then.

The gas poisoning effect won't disappear.
Since the used gas-trap is Skyrim default, it's probably a bug caused by another mod. Possibly a perk mod, which results in a very long-lasting poisoning effect.
You can check your active effects, the duration should be around 30 sec.

I got poisoned outside the gas area.
That's a loading bug which changes the shape of triggerzones. Mostly appearing after a lot of dying and reloading. Restarting Skyrim should fix it.

My Companion is not following when entering "Underground".
This has a good reason, just keep going, he won't get lost.

I moved the shields in the Gallery Room and can't solve this puzzle now.
There are 2 images with the original shield positions added to the picture-gallery. (Final Edition)

Manniquens are placed in strange/wrong positions.
Default bug of Skyrim, Manniquens possibly move like NPCs till their script is loaded... only chance to fix their positions is to reload the cell.

Missing/Blue Walls in "Underground".
Broken meshes have been added by another mod. (Possibly an enb mod)
To fix it remove/rename the file "slgdwallsol03.nif" in "Data/Meshes/architecture/solitude/interiors..."

The shield puzzle...
To get this solution you need the two Doom Books, which show you the first four holds in the right order.
Looking at the map of Skyrim these four holds surround another "special" hold. This hold is the last switch which needs to be pressed.
To get an overview about the holds, there is a colored map at a chimney 2nd floor, rear right side of the mansion.
Remember the sequence is resetting (only in Final Edition), if you use a wrong switch after a correct one, and survived the trap.

I'm stuck.
The most secrets are very similar to Resident Evil (1996). Without knowing the game it might not be easy to push through. Just leave me message to get help then. I will not spoil any secrets in the comments.
Never use "tcl" to move through locked doors/areas, this can destroy important triggers.
Alternatively on youtube are some playthroughs.

  • A stock of potions, spells and a companion might be a good idea.
  • Poisongas is deadly, just don't...
  • Not all secrets are solvable from the beginning, keep them for later if you have no idea what to do.
  • Keep the eyes open and check new rooms carefully.
  • A Saveroom is still a good place for a save.
  • Reading educates, with ignoring books/documents you might not get through.
  • For the activation of some objects you need to have the related item in your inventory.
  • There is no need to lockpic something, there is a key for every lock.

- For an unknown reason some Old Hero Weapons/Shield are maybe not attachable to weaponracks or display-cases.
- Whisker's Hood Masked is not compatible with Argonian or Kahjiit Races.
- Rare and randomly things like objects, markers or enemys just not get loaded correctly.
- There is no distance-LOD, the Mansion is not visible from very large distances, same for the changed landscape.
- On Novice/Apprentice difficulty it's possible that necessary (for the game -progress) enemies not appear.
- Small clipping errors.
- Mistakes in the english language.
- Corpses are still moving/breathing sometimes. (possibly caused by other mods)
- Sometimes the "disable-havok-script" for items (Keys/Gems..) isn't working and let them stuck in strange positions or drop to the ground.

- Conflict with "Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim" - A shrine is possibly placed bellow the Mansion and can be reach with "TCL" only.
- Worldspace conflict with "Following Mercer: A Thieves' Guild Quest"
- Worldspace conflict with "Expanded Towns and Cities"
- Conflict with "Golden Vendors" (If vendor credits exceed 32767 coins, player won't get paid for sales)
- Possible conflict with "Sometimes Pick Up Books" (Taking the T-Jolt Report in Room III won't activate a necessary script)

TRANSLATED VERSIONS (Not tested myself, use at own risk)
French (Dark Edition):
Japanese (Final Edition):

For the very detailed maps of Resident Evil 1:
- Stebloke (

The Witcher 2 Armor (Steelplate Armor):
- Baraban
- CD Project

The Evil Mastermind & Mavari Armor (Whisker's Armor):
- Satyr/Zerofrost

Helpful Scripts:
- ThatEscalatedQuickly
- Xander9009

Forum Support:
- starlitegirl
- HellLizard
- IsharaMeradin
- kryptopyr

Skyrim Special Edition port:
- rik2236

Resident Evil playthroughs on Youtube:
- Mike Bettencourt
- ThePsOne
- Smallvillecs
- CobRikHC

- **47**

Created by:
Sebastian Metz