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A home between homes for the Dragonborn, left by an ancient Mage named Giovani, who saw the future, and left it to the one who could unlock the door... somehow.

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This started off as my idea of what the inside of a hut from the spell Leomund's Tiny Hut from Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Ed, would be like. But then, realized that certain features were more than what the spell offered, let alone the hut isn't permanent.

So, I eventually spun off the idea and created "Giovani's Permanent Hut." A book is strategically left next to the Book Of The Dragonborn in the Helgen torture room that will leave a vague clue as to how to get in, and it's purpose.

As I have Dudestia's multi-marage mod, and Amazing Followers Tweeks, I designed the lower inner chamber with multiple beds and furniture for the npc's left within, to sandbox about. Feel free, if you wish and have the know-how, to re-arrange the bottom level how you wish, and or add stuff to the upper level.

Hearth Fire IS required.

Thanks to Xander9009 for providing the script necessary for my little story behind this hut to make sense. =^_^=


Feedback is appreciated.