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Adds a quick and easy way to get to the ragged flagon, to avoid running through the Cistern.

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Just a simple, quick mod that adds a second sewer hole to the right of the thieves guild entrance, to allow you to traverse directly to the Ragged Flagon! Don't forget to endorse if you enjoy it!

Eventually I intend to overhaul the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary as well as the Thieves guild, but I thought "Hey, might as well start small!"

The porthole is located to the right of the thieves guild entrance, behind a gravestone. A Second Porthole is now located near Brynjolf's Stall in the Marketplace, cleverly hidden!


1.0 - Initial Release

2.0 - Fixed Compatibility for mods adding objects in to the Ragged Flgaon
- Added a second trapdoor by Brynjolf's Stall in the Marketplace

If anyone notices any bugs, don't hesitate to tell me, I will work my hardest to fix them!