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Alternate models for the Dariit, Justiciar and Seeker quivers from Immersive Weapons 1.5.

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My final playthrough's nearing it's end and I was feeling like releasing some of my random crap stuff for posterity's sake.

While quite pretty, a few of the quivers in IW where too bright for my setup and they clashed with my favorite outfits(oh the humanity...), so cue the generic replacers~

On the upside, they look decent with pretty much any armor/bow combination, on the downside, they're vanilla rehashes. Still, they fit fairly well into the world.

These 3 are changed:

- Seeker Arrows

- Dariit Arrows

- Justiciar Arrows

As a side-note, I also modified the length of the arrow projectiles (Based on EvilDeadAsh34's lovely "Closer Quivers and longer arrows v.4" mod) so they wouldn't clip with the female hands.

A stand-alone version is also available for those that don't use Immersive Weapons or don't wish to replace the quivers. Take note that they are not added to the leveled list this way and will have to be crafted at the forge.

Texture resolutions are the same as the High-Res texture pack.


PS- While I'm at it, I've uploaded a Blade of Woe scabbard retexture under misc.

*Full README is in the appropriate tab*

Thank Yous

To Bethesda, the Nexus, Nightasy, EvilDeadAsh34 (the length of the projectile arrow is based on his work), and the Immersive weapons team (Hothtrooper44, Ironman5000, Eckss) for some of the greatest mods on the nexus.