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Added: 17/11/2013 - 12:44PM
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Last updated at 12:44, 17 Nov 2013 Uploaded at 12:44, 17 Nov 2013

I made a mod that just adds a addon as a basement and not modding brezzehome cause i know some people would get pissed when there stuff is moved
I Have also Incorporated the Staff Enchanter from Dragonborn, for those who dont have Dragonborn now you do not need it to use the Staff Enchanter


A Basement for Breezehome
Contains Lots of chests for you
Basic Smithing Capabilites, like a forge, workbench, Grindstone, Tanning Rack
Alchemy Table
Made the room longer
More chests
Added Materials like Steel, Iron, Moonstone ingots for smithing
Added A Apothecary's Satchel contains only 10 of a few ingredients for those potions & posions
Put some lighting i know i havent done enough, but I tried
Add some Navmesh i tried so i hope it works
Upgraded the Apothecary's Satchel so now it contains all the ingredients, except the ones you shouldn't, like Quest items, and it has lots of every item to ensure you make the most out of the potions or posions
Added a Enchanter Table, made a Satchel full of Soul gems Half ful of souls, half with none
Added more Items to the chest next to the Blacksmith forge it now contains Dragon bone, and scales
Also added a Smelter, cause the Chest, also contains ores
Change Normal Forge to the Skyforge
Added in a few bed rolls
A merchant with a lot of cash and items
Added In Mannequines
Now with weapon Plaques
Added in a Vault to Vlindrel Hall in Markarth
Add The Staff Enchanter For Those who dont have Dragonborn Now you dont need it
Until i put some Heart Stone Veins around there will be a great deal of Heartstone in a satchel on the Staff Enchanter in the Basement
Unenchanted Staffs Can be Crafted a Forge but you must have Destruction, Alteration, Restoration, Illusion, Conjuration all at least have the perk Adept lvl 50
Comment Below for any ideas........ will be greatly appreciated
Also please comment, if It collides with any other mod, also comment if i should make a Dawnguard, and hearthfire or Dragonborn DLC

My Steam verison willl be updated more than this since that is were i am getting it tested the most.