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Adds craftable toys for your HearthFires children.

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The mod is no longer supported by the author.
Feel free to use my assets in your mods/ports with a proper credit.
Enjoy your game and have a nice day :)

 Skyrim Toy Story - TRADUZIONE ITALIANA -SKI- by Ciccigomma

 - Teddy Bears are now using Tamira's mesh (as the previous one was hardly "texturable") and have new textures
 - Toy Doll Basket is now x1.3 bigger and has new texture
 - Added Big Dolls (x1.5 from the original doll size) with 3 different textures
 - Added bigger Toy Dragons + new textures
 - Added new texture for Toy Ship
 - Added Toy Dwemer Cube (x1.5 from the vannila one)
 - Gingerbread House is now craftable in HF oven
 - Changed craft components for almost all items
 - All toys are now giftable to both boys and girls

Now that my Skyrim kids are properly dressed I turned to another aspect of their life - toys.
I didn t like that:
1) There are only two toys I can offer to my children in the vanilla gameplay.
2) I'm a Master Crafter and cannot make a simple wooden toy for my kids.
3) Child's room looks just as any other room ingame and it's so dull.

So I made this mod, adding 16 toys that are
- craftable - you can create them at tanning rack, forge and cooking pot
- giftable - though kids won't interact with the objects, they will still say "Thanks!"
- may serve as good lore-friendly decorations for children's rooms - just scatter them all over the floor and this will look exactly like a normal child's room :)

HearthFires DLC is requierd!

Toy Bears
Craftable at Tanning Rack.
Mesh by Tamira

Toy Doll Basket
Craftable at Tanning Rack.

Toy Big Dolls
Craftable at Tanning Rack.

Toy Dragons
Craftable at Forge.
Mesh by Runspect

Toy Rocking Horses
Craftable at Forge.
Mesh by Tamira

Toy Shield
Craftable at Forge.
Hiccup's shield from HTTYD wallpaper :) Based on Iron Shield, so it can be normally equipped.

Toy Ship
Craftable at Forge.

Toy Dwemer Cube
Craftable at Forge.

Toy Gingerbread House
Craftable at Oven.

Use NNM activation.
Or extract the archive you downloaded and place the files into your Skyrim/Data folder.
Activate the ESP file in Launcher.

- Runspect and Tamira for their great modders resources.
- Bethesda for creating TES games
- Adobe for creating Photoshop
- All of you for your attention :)