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Allows you to unadopt your children and adopt new ones.

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If, like me, as soon as you installed Hearthfires you went to the Orphanage and adopted two children, before realizing that there was a poor homeless girl trying to sell flowers under the snow storms of Windhelm just waiting for you to adopt her, or if you simply want to get rid of you children, then this mod is for you.

The mod gives you a power (that works like a shout) that will send back your children where they came from and you will be able to adopt new ones.

- While this mod is active, do not try to adopt more than two children.
- After unadopting your children, there's a small chance you might not be able to re-adopt them. So if you're thinking of re-adopting, make sure to save your game before unadopting and then you can save again only once the re-adoption worked.
Here's a fix if re-adopting doesn't work. It does not seem to work every time but it's quick and worth trying:
Open the console, click on the child, and enter "addfac XX04290 1", replacing "XX" by the load order number of your Hearthfires.esm (for instance 03 if Hearthfires is third in the load order).

Version 0.2.1:
- You can now give gifts to Sofie after adopting her. But if you already have that problem, I advice you to open the console, click on Sofie, and enter "setav carryweight 1000000000".