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NOTE: My apologies if there are bugs/clipping issues with the trees, as I didn't use the vanilla meshes whilst creating this. I assume it isn't too bad but if you do encounter the problem with clipping, I will be happy to fix it right away! Just tell me. As well the screenshots wont be what you get in game unless you have the retexture pack. It still looks good though!



1.2 - Replaced original torches with horn candles for more lore-friendliness.
- The main entrance way is covered with a few more trees, for better hiding of the camp

1.1 - CAMPING COMPANIONS! - Just an extra bed for your companion


Adding more clutter objects into the mix - DONE
Will be removing woodchopping station (It's not working) - DONE
Will have an additional Companion/Follower bed (Seperate file) - DONE


Are you sick of the worries and stresses of being dragonborn? Do you need somewhere to just, get away from it all? Let's go camping!

This is a small, lore-friendly player home that blends into the scenery around it. It gives the player everything they could ever wish for in a camp.

I originally made this for myself, as I love to roleplay in-game, so it might not be a fancy player home, but it will have everything you need for a little stop/hideout/stash-house. This is my first mod ever, so hopefully you're not too critical of it.

Camping Companions adds another bed to the camp so that your companions have a place to stay too.


Requires: Skyrim.esm, Update.esm (Skyrim


The Campsite Consists Of:
Bed (1 or 2)
Tent/Cover (1 or 2)
Tanning Rack
Practice Dummy
Archery Target
Cooking Fire
Chair for Scenic Views
Safe Chest (Will Not Respawn)
Map Marker
Shrine (Mara)

I've also added a few more trees in the area so that it can provide more shade and cover for a more immerse feel.


Follow the path through Rorikstead and when you meet the crossroads, go off to the side and you shall find it stowed away neatly.


Superior Rock Textures - Hiqh Quality HD 2K and 4K and 1K replacers by skyrimaguas

Cinematic Lighting ENB - CLENB - by HD6

Skyrim Flora Overhaul by vurt


Just like any other mod, drop the .esp file into your Skyrim directory.

Other than that, please enjoy!


If you want to use the campsite in another mod, you're free to do say in anyway you'd like. Just give me credit.