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Simple Fix for Vanilla Icicles

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This is mod that alters the icicles in Skyrim with ones that are a little more pleasing to the eye.

The mod include the original vanilla meshes for the icicles but I have taken the time to redo all the uv's so that they can use custom transparency textures to make the icicles less solid snow and more like frozen icicles.

The ruin/cave of Yngvild to the right of Dawnstar is a good place to see the difference.

The mod should be compatible with all other mods unless they alter the original icicles.

File descriptions

Richys Icicles Mod
: This is the original file I uploaded, it contains both the cave icicles and outside icicles with alpha transparency to make them less visible and blend in with the Environment.

Just Cave Icicles
: This file is for just the cave icicles if you only wanted to change those.

50 percent more solid
: This file makes BOTH the cave icicles and the big outside icicles 50% more solid than the original file.

Should be fairly simple, ether download with with the Manager or unzip the file and put it into your Skyrim folder and say yes to merge with folders that are already there.

This mod does not require any DLC's to use.

Thanks to Xuphra for the awesome graphic for this page and thanks to you all for the kind feedback and critiques.

Thank you for viewing!