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Five new spells that temporarily increase carry weight.

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Inspired by 680iba1's Pack Mule spell.

Five new spells

  • Lightweight: Novice Alteration - increase carry weight by 20 for 120 seconds
  • Featherweight: Apprentice Alteration - increase carry weight by 40 for 120 seconds
  • Weightless: Adept Alteration - increase carry weight by 60 for 120 seconds
  • Ethereal Satchel: Expert Alteration - increase carry weight by 80 for 180 seconds
  • Atlas' Shoulders: Master Alteration - increase carry weight by 100 for 300 seconds

All spells can be purchased from various places around skyrim (mages such as Farengar in Whiterun and Wylandriah in Riften will have the lower level spells) and are dual cast-able with the dual cast alteration perk for longer carry increases and increased magnitude.

I have tried to keep the values reasonable and not make the spells too overpowered; ideally they should be more accessible to mages due to the higher magic costs and not break the game for warriors. Personally I like the idea of getting those last few items out of a dungeon or fast travelling back home after raiding dragon remains (those bones are heavy). I will check for comments to see if they still need tweaking.

I am unable to test the higher level spells, please write in the comments if there are any ridiculous requirements for the spells or other bugs.

Thanks for all the comments so far guys, don't forget to endorse if you like this mod.



v1.7 - Dualcast now also increases magnitude

v1.6 - Re-edited with CK. Adjusted magicka cost values. Fixed Atlas typo. Spells should no longer stack / dual cast increaces duration time. (Note: If you have trouble getting these spells 'in game' try moving the .esp further down the load list)

v1.5 - Fixes the magicka cost for Atlas' Shoulders

v1.4 - Reduced speed at which spells increase alteration level

v1.3 - Dualcast will now increase magnitude aswell as duration
- Changed active effects description

v1.2 - Fix master spell not available (hopefully)

v1.1 - Added new spells, one for each level (novice, apprentice, adept, expert and master)
- Now based on the oakflesh line of spells (Fixes per second)
- Dual cast now increases duration not magnitude

v1.0 - Initial Release


Optional File(s)

This version renames spells and active effects so that the mod is more compatible with better sorting mods. (Notably headbombs better sorting mod)

If you are using the standard version, switching to this version will result in you losing any currently learned carry weight spells and will need to be learned again.

Here are the formIDs so you can add the spell tome for the spells you already had:
Lightweight - 1B001005
Featherweight - 1B001002
Weightless - 1B00100C
Ethereal satchel - 1B00100D
Atlas' Shoulders - 1B00100E

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