About this mod

This mod improves wet rocks and adds new wet meshes to the coasts and rivers, it adds many decals too to simulate wet looking in many areas.

Permissions and credits
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1.1 - I made a new texture a bit more detailed and made a few tweaks on specular, reflection and the cubemaps.

Enhanced Wetness and Puddles brings more wetness to the harsh lands of Skyrim, it will give your coasts a more wet feeling by adding many new wet meshes such as boxes, barrels, tree trunks and thousnads of decals around the coast waters. The point of this mod is to bring more dramatic and impressive looking as well as adding some realism.

- New wet meshes such as barrels, boxes, tree trunks and many rock meshes that didn't have a wet version.
- Adds wet looking decals to all Skyrim coast and created a few to simulate puddles in many areas.
- Adds Drips FX in many places where there are water falling such as around falls.
- Uses SMIM, USKP and Mindflux Meshes so you don't have to worry about that.
- No FPS loss and no scripts.

I recommend using Nexus Mod Manager to install it.

Should be compatible with any water mod, just overwrite the wet rocks if it asks.

Video made by Gruntlock                                                                                Video made by Nozi87

Video made by hodilton                                                                                Video made by Brodual

Video made by SkyttsTV

{11-11-13} - 0.1 - Beta release.
{12-11-13} - 0.3 - Reduced Rocks specular strength by 50%.
{19-01-14} - 1.1 - New texture, specular and reflection tweaks

Ask for permission before translate or release it in another site.
Please don't use any resources of this mod as your own.

Thanks to:

-Bethesda for Skyrim and Creation Kit
-Niftools Team for Nifskope
-The USKP Team for their fixes
-Brumbek for some meshes
-Mindflux for some meshes
-Nexus community