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Skyrim Visual Immersion Series ENB Resource
ENB Standard Discussion forum thread

This one should rather be considered a modders resource then a mod itself. Even though, it contains two of my newest settings. But more important matter is it introduce some new features to the world of ENB:
  • Adaptation tint,
  • Sun corona color mapping,
  • Single & double HD corona,
  • Lens flare dirt/bokeh distortion,
  • Sunsprite lens chromatic dispersion (available since 6.4),
  • Sun corona peak for color mapping (available since 6.4),
  • Static depth of field effect (available since 6.7),
  • Lens flare chromatic aberration (available since 6.7),
  • Lens dirt double masking (available since 6.7),
  • Texture atlas sampling (available since 6.8),
  • Ghost lens flares (available since 7.0),
  • Halo flare effect (available since 7.0),
  • False blinding effect (available since 7.1).
  • MSL rev8 compatibility (available since 7.2) - note that this applies to 'enbeffect.fx' and 'enblens.fx' only.

Beyond that, all main, already existing features are configurable from within the game, using ENB GUI. Also the new features have same accessibility. Some of the exiting effects have been reorganized for better convenience.

With version 6.8 enhanced ENB night eye (disabled by default) code is available - credits to scegielski.

To properly install ENB, first download binaries for Skyrim (link) and put DLL file from the wrapper package into Your main game location, i.e. where games EXE file is. Then, to the same location, put contents of any ENB preset. In Your main Skyrim directory You'll have following items:
  • enbpalette.bmp - a palette texture,
  • enblut.bmp - a texture used by one of the MSL features,
  • enbraindrops.tga - a rain drops texture,
  • enbsunsprite.tga - a sun sprite texture,
  • enbeffect.fx - main postprocessing effects file,
  • enbbloom.fx - bloom effects file,
  • enbeffectprepass.fx - file where DOF effect is applied amongst other,
  • enblens.fx - lens effects file,
  • enbsunsprite.fx - sun sprite effects file,
  • enbdefs.fx - file containing features common amongst different effect source code,
  • enbseries.ini - a configuration file for the preset,
  • d3d9.dll - ENB binary file, most essential,
  • enbhost.exe - a helper application used by ENB,
  • enbseries subdirectory - additional folder used to store e.g. different weather definitions.
  • Modular Shaders Library subdirectory - folder containing common effects code definitions used through out ENB.

Additionally, with the dowloaded ENB binaries You will have enblocal.ini (preferences file, should be setup according to Your own system properties) and enblensmask.png. Now when You start the game in the upper left corner of Your screen should appear an info about version of ENB You are using. Note that depending on it some features will work and others not (the same goes about ENB's for different games).

As I said above this is basically a modders resource. The settings provided are a mare example what can be done using combination of current and those few new features added. The settings details are listed on the download page.

As always credits goes first to Boris Vorontsov, without whom anything of this wouldn't be even possible. I would like to credit also amoebae, for splendid texture pack, which I use and recommend using with this one (download one of the textures and see for Yourself).

I will try to make this one a storage for new features to come, if any, and all that were already published. Thus, old stuff will appear here too.

Finally, I want to state that I have no problem with people using my work (I basically release it for such a purpose). Of course all I ask of You is a credit information.

Bless You,