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Added: 27/12/2011 - 09:33AM
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There are a lot of one-handed weapons mods and two-handed weapons mods, but the little dagger mods. I do love daggers, so I made some daggers for owe use.
Now just to share.

I will be very happy if you like it!! 

Add 6 unique daggers in skyrim, you can build them with skyforge.
All daggers are free to improve it with grindstones

You need smithing perks to build them,or you can use code "player.additem ITEMID 1" to get them.

Name                                Smithing List                       ITEMID
                                         (need perk)
Shard of Azzinoth                  Daedric                        xx7777d4
Dagger of Time                      Ebony                          xx8877d4
Mutilator                               Glass                           xx4444d4
Death Sting                            Ebony                          xx5544d4
XIV`s Bloody Shanker             Daedric                        xx444444
XIV`s Mutilator                      Daedric                       xx00a42d

(xx is the load order num of the mod)


Extract to skyrim\data\ 
and enable the ESP in SkyrimLauncher or NMM 

Or you can simplely intall it with NMM

If you use Dual Sheath Redux, you can download Dual Sheath Redux Compatibility Package

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Permission notes
I give permission to any one who want to translate this mod and place this mod on other site
I give any one permission to make variations of the mod, or include it in their own files

but you must credit me as the original creator ;)