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Detailing the Eldrich - A bump up in resolution for Riekling Architecture, Karstaag Skull/Throne, and Stalhrim/Heartstone Ores- REQUIRES Dragonborn DLC!!!

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"Eldrich" also "Eldritch"- foreign, strange, uncanny, “of a strange country, pertaining to the Otherworld” ...

Phase One of Detailing the Eldrich can be found here!!!


Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Riekling Architecture - KarStaag Skull / Throne - Stalhrim & Heartstones

***Files updated as of 11/22/13 - Reworked all normal map alpha channels, added missing riekling clutter normal map, added Stalhrim, and Heartstone ore textures.***

This is a bump up in resolution, and detail, for all Riekling related architecture, and clutter. Now includes the throne, and skull of the Karstaag, and Stalhrim/Heartstone Ores. This is the second phase of "Detailing the Eldrich"... Once again, I did this primarily because I couldn't find any replacement textures on the nexus. And since I hadn't retextured anything since Fallout 3, it's a great way to give a bit back to the nexus! This requires the Dragonborn DLC.

This will replace the textures for Riekling tents, huts, stands, clutter, and brigdes. All files have been worked up from the official high-res pack, most textures have been reworked from scratch, using the originals as reference. The new textures are mostly 2048, while some, mostly normal maps, remain their original resolution, alpha channel info should be intact across the board.

You might notice some issues with the Riekling related textures, stretching, mirroring issues when the textures wrap around... These are present in the original textures as well, adding detail might have made them more noticeable though. Just a heads up.

File Installation:

Unzip contents of "Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Riekling Architecture.7z" to your Skyrim Data folder, overwrite if necessary, probably won't be. I've added in the option to download with the NMM, please report any problems if you encounter them. To uninstall simply delete everything starting with "Riekling", and "Karstaag" from the dlc02/clutter folder, and the dlc02/architecture folder. Additionally, delete anything "Stalhrim" and "Heartstone" related to clutter.


Optional Low-Res Pack is UP! Optional 'closer-to-vanilla' color variant may be in the works.
Other updates will trickle down as needed...


Just message me thru the Nexus if you are interested in re-using something, we'll come to some sort of agreement, I reckon.

If you dig my work, please endorse, it really is appreciated. Thanks!