Rings of Potions by Gawl40
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Added: 27/12/2011 - 04:54AM
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Last updated at 22:50, 5 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 4:54, 27 Dec 2011

All rings are craftable at the Blacksmith Forge (from the Jewelry section) for the simple cost of YOUR SOUL (or someones soul anyway) neatly packaged in a Black Soul Gem.

Used to be an optional file for my Rings of Power mod, I decided to separate it.

Ring of Persuasion - 100 points to Speechcraft

Ring of Phantom - Appear spectral

Ring of Enchantment - Enchantments are 100% stronger

Ring of Restoration - Restoration spells are 100% stronger

Ring of Illusion - Illusion spells are 100% stronger

Ring of Destruction - Destruction spells are 100% stronger

Ring of Alteration - Alteration spells last 100% longer

Ring of Conjuration - Conjuration spells last 100% longer

They will say for 0 seconds but that's just a description error.

Added the ability to dis-enchant and re-enchant all the the enchantments in this mod.

For those that feel 100% is too much of a cheat there is a 50% version available.

Update - All recipes now have their own FormIDs, to hopefully avoid mod conflict.

Based on Mtsaint's Unlimited Rings ( mod I was able to make the rings so they don't even take up a body slot, meaning you can wear all the rings if you wanted to.

*WARNING: Remove any of these rings before uninstalling the mods, otherwise the enchantment will be permanently applied*