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Fixes most of the "cart going crazy" physics issues at the start of game, or at other times when riding a cart/carriage. Previously named "Cart Carriage Havok Patch for SOS and other Mods".

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This will most likely fix any mod that causes the carts and carriages physics/havok to go nuts.

It turns out it was actually pretty simple, just a single value change in NifScope on the carriage model used.

Love the mods guys.

* (with touring carriages mod) A creature might run inside the back of the carriage for a moment occasionally. Merely aesthetic.

* Compatibility with possibly many mods (anything that causes carts to flip or act weird).
* (with touring carriages mod) Decreases chances of bugging out and never reaching destination (tree or rock in the way? This will fix many).
* Fix has no dependencies.
* Replaces no files, and has no scripts, nothing added to your save game, so can be installed/uninstalled without any issues at any time.

Just install through your mod manager.

Just disable the fix in NMM (or delete the model file Data/meshes/furniture/prisonercarriage/scenictourcarriage02.nif).