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Read this for Atlantean Dragon Slayer Standalone version 2.1
Update to version 2.1_________10.01.2011
Please redawnloud to version 2.1

fixed some problems with daedric sword dont show in forge.
Update to version 2.0_____________10.01.2011
Now also with 1 handed version

So you get

1.Atlantean Dragon Slayer____2 Handed
2.Atlantean Dragon Sword_____1 Handed
What this mod does:

Import 2 new sword Atlantean Dragon Slayer and Atlantean Dragon Sword

Installation Instructions:

Download the file:

1.Atlantean_Dragon_Slayer Standalone 1.0
1. go to **(your user name)**\Documents and Settings\My Documents\My Games\Skyrim

open the SkyrimPrefs.ini with the notepad
and put this line under the [Launcher] section


2.Unpack the mod to a known location like (Desktop).

3.Find the folder labeled 'Data' within the mods files.

Copy data folder to your Skyrim main folder where the TESV.exe is

When prompted by Windows if you would like to overwrite files with the same name
in the data folder located there answer, "Yes To All".

4.Start up Skyrim , and place a checkmark next to AtlanteanDragonSlayer.esp
in your Data files.

5.Visit a smith and forge a swords under the Steel section you will find the
sword Atlantean Dragon Slayer to forge

sword can be forged by the smith in next locations
- Riverwood
- Whiterun
- Makarath
- Solitude
- Windhelm

Un-Installation Instructions:

Remove the checkmark from AtlanteanDragonSlayer.esp in the
data files at start of the Skyrim launcher

If you would also like to remove the files

delate the folder AtlanteanDragonSlayer from the data\meshes\weapons
and the folder AtlanteanDragonSlayer from the data\textures\weapons
and the file AtlanteanDragonSlayer.esp from the data folder

nicoroshi who made a sword The Talon of Akatosh

Hobbs for creating the scripts for this blade, and help in playtesting this mod. (Thanks Bud)
Big thanks to Zero_Phoenix for naming this blade, and ThorTheViking
for the original request as well as providing a good 2D picture to model from.
Also thanks go out to everyone who answered in my WIP thread on ESF,
and helped with this blade's placement, and final look of this blade.

No permission from me nedded also ne credits, becouse i didnt make the sword
i just imported it to Skyrim.

but if you use any of the file or texture from these mod you must credit the autor
of the sword Nicoroshi

Permissions from the autor of the Sword The Talon of Akatosh Nicoroshi:
It is alright to use the meshes, textures, and icon from this mod as
a modders resource so long as credit is given for my original work.
Author's Note: I really like how this blade came out,
and hope you have as much fun using it as I will. :D

Credits: and Permision of the author of the sword Atlantean Sword: Mr. Dave
Other user's assets
All the assets in this file belong to the author,
or are from free-to-use modder's resources
Upload permission
You can upload this file to other sites
but you must credit me as the creator of the file
Conversion permission
You can convert this file to work with other games
as long as you credit me as the creator of the file
Modification permission
You are allowed to modify my files and release bug fixes or improve
on the features so long as you credit me as the original creator
Asset use permission
You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me
Author notes
Permissions From The author of The Atlantean Sword mod:
Modify it, retexture it, make it a two handed version, make it a non replacer, and upload it everywhere.
No need to ask permission to upload, even if it is for a completely different game.
Just make sure to include this readme, so the credits are correct.
File credits
Bethesda - for giving us a platform to modify
Robert E. Howard - for bringing us Conan, God rest his insane soul
John Milius - for bring us Conan the Barbarian
Mr. Dave - original mesh and textures (hand painting textures is for chumps!
Gimme my procedurals any day!)
Mr. T. - you know why
And last but not least, Qarl - if it hadn't been for Qarl and his Gothic Attire mod,
I would have uninstalled Morrowind and gone about modding other games a very long time ago.
The Bob's Armory franchise exists because of this man.