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nafis399 and articocean

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Add new standalone follower into the game.
she is essential and marriageable.

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"Some say that men
fear of knife and death
same as children
fear to go in the dark"
"And as that natural fear in children is increased by tales,
so is the other."

"Some say that she was born
from the deepest valley of hell,
and raised as an angel
that locked in the darkness of Pandora"

"Like waving a razor-sharp Mindi in your eye.
Throat the men and pour their blood in to her heart."

"...She tasted death from the living."

She is
"Mindi Badweyn"
the Knife of Ocean

Add new follower base on my friend arcticocean character in game. she can found in the white phial windhelm.
Not requrement any mod. mod is standalone. Mindi is essential and marriageable follower.
feel free to add your picture.

[size=+2]Check video tab to see another video[/size]
thanks to hodilton, sidras01, misalen,slytra and dptheslothking for video

[size=+2]follower detail : [/size]
Race : Nord
Name : Mindi Badweyn
Level : 1-80
Body : CBBE and UNP(optional)
Default Armor : hide armor
Default weapon :imperial sword, steel dagger, and imperial bow.
Location : the white phial windhelm
Combat style :you can choose 1 from 4 available combat style in installer option.

[size=+2]Installation [/size]
please update your skyrim version to before install this mod.
simply use NMM
Manual installation, You need meshes and textures from face type and body folder. Also you need one esp file from combat style (default,archer,spellsword, or tanker) folder. Then copy that files to skyrim data folder.

[size=+2]Uninstallation [/size]
first dismiss Mindi as your follower.
simply use NMM
Manual uninstallation, remove file below from skyrim data folder
- MindiFollower.esp
- meshes/actors/character/Mindi
- meshes/actors/character/FaceGenData/FaceGeom/MindiFollower.esp
- textures/actors/character/Mindi
- textures/actors/character/FaceGenData/FaceTint/MindiFollower.esp

[size=+2]Version history [/size]
- add NMM installer for more installation option.
- new hair style

Add new follower in game.

[size=+2]Please check more art work from my friend articocean.[/size]

[size=+2]Credits and Thanks [/size]
CBBE by Caliente
sg female texture renewal by Hello Santa
Apachii skyhair by apachii
enhanced character edit by ECE team
racemenu by Expired
chargen extension by Expired
XCE - Warpaint and Dirt by Xenius
Tutorial - Creating Standalone NPCs by Natilde
UNP by Dimon99